How To Quickly Insert an Apostrophe on the iPad Keyboard

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how to insert an apostrophe on iPad keyboard

I spotted a basic but very cool iPad keyboard tip the other day, over at the iPad in Canada site – on how to insert an apostrophe quickly via the iPad keyboard. This method allows you to insert an apostrophe straight from the main Qwerty section of the keyboard, without having to shift over to the numbers / special characters section.

All you need to do is tap on the comma key and hold for just a second or two.  You’ll see the apostrophe symbol popup in blue.  Once you see that, just release the key and the apostrophe will be inserted – much quicker than having to swap keyboard areas.

Thanks to Danielle at iPad in Canada for the tip.

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7 thoughts on “How To Quickly Insert an Apostrophe on the iPad Keyboard”

  1. Even faster is by sliding(swiping,flick etc) your finger upwards on the comma key in a quick motion. Give it a the 2 sec holding of the key.

    1. That is a bit faster, but I find it a bit more awkward to get that slide gesture right as often.

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