How To Save Images in the iPad Safari and Mail Apps

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Here’s another basic but very handy tip for those of you who are new to the iPad.  You may often receive a photo in an email that you want to save and keep on your iPad – or spot an image in a web site that you’d like to save.

It’s very easy to do this on the iPad – hit the lovely little read more link to see how …

To Save an Image in an email, within the iPad’s Mail Application

— Tap and hold the image within the email. A dialog will pop up with two options – Save Image and Copy.  Save Image will save it to the Saved Photos album in the Photos app.  Copy will place it on the iPad’s clipboard, available to be pasted wherever you want (in a new mail or a word processing app for example).


To Save an Image on a Web Page in the iPad Safari Application

— Same as above really.  Tap and hold on the image.  You’ll get a popup dialog with four choices.  The first two – Open and Open in New Page – relate to the web page itself.  The next two choices though are the same as in the Mail app – Save Image and Copy, and will get you the same results.

save image in Safari on iPad

It’s as easy as that.  Again, a very basic and simple tip – but one that is hopefully handy for those of you just getting to know your new iPad.

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  1. When sending a photo on the iPad, when it is received the photo is embedded in the email, already open and in view.
    A friend on mine has an iPad, but when she sends a photo by email, when I receive it, is ts an attachment, not embedded and already open.
    What settings to I need to change on my iPad to send a photo and it received as an attachment. Thank you…

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