How To See How Much Space Is Being Used By Each of Your Apps in iOS 5

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iOS 5 shows space used by each app

Here’s another very nice new feature in iOS 5 on the iPad that I had not noticed before: you can see how much storage space is being used by each one of your installed apps.

Here’s how to have a look at how much space each installed app is taking up on your iPad:

— Go into the Settings app and tap on General on the left hand pane

— Then tap on Usage on the right hand side – the third option down the page

— Usage will show you how much space is currently available and how much is in use, and then list the ten apps currently using up the most storage space on your iPad (or other iOS device). At the end of the listing there’s a button to tap to show details for all apps.

You can tap on each app to see details on the size of the app itself, and a separate area showing the amount of space being used by documents and data belonging to the app.

So, with the iPod app for instance, I can see that ‘All Music’ is occupying over 10GB of space, while Movies and Music Videos account for just over 1GB.

iOS 5 shows apps storage usage

There’s also a section below the apps usage area for iCloud storage information and where it looks like you’ll be able to manage your iCloud storage. This doesn’t appear to be live yet, while this post is being written.

This is a great new feature in my book. It means no more wondering what’s filling up your storage space on your iPad, and it should make it much easier to free up a little storage when free space is getting a bit tight. It will also serve as a great reference point when you’re thinking of upgrading to a new iPad (or other tablet device), in terms of assessing your storage needs.

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13 thoughts on “How To See How Much Space Is Being Used By Each of Your Apps in iOS 5”

  1. Well, I went to settings and general and there is no listing for “usage” on my iPad.

    1. Are you running a (pre-release) developers build of iOS 5? If not, then you will not be able to see this functionality. It is a new feature that is coming with iOS 5, due for public release this fall.

  2. are you able to view the storage used by your photo app (the native app), the app where all imported photos are stored? i dont know why i cant seem to it. ….tho i can see the size of my camera roll in icloud. but the photo seems nowhere to be found.

    1. I’m having the same problem! I’m so disappointed that no one replied to your question.
      This blog was the only helpful thing I’ve found to not only find storage info on the iPad, but to disseminate app storage from document storage as well, but I can’t figure out why it won’t show me my video/photo usage from my camera app or photo app. Seems like it would be the most important storage info to manage.

    2. Hi Jane – Right now you are not able to see that information on the iPad itself in this Usage area. However, if you have setup for your iPad to do WiFi sync you should be able to look in iTunes on the desktop, click on your iPad name under the Devices section on the left and look at the bottom of the summary page and see how much space is available on the iPad along with how much is being used by Photos, Apps, Audio etc.

      If you have not setup WiFi sync you just need to connect your iPad to your PC with the sync/charge cable and look in the same area.

  3. This blog is amazing! I love your tips and I wish I had found these earlier. (Finally cleaning out the iPad…) Is there a way for me to subscribe?

    1. Thanks for the kind words. Sure you can subscribe. At the top of our right sidebar you’ll see a link for our RSS feed, and at the bottom of the sidebar there’s a link to subscribe via email. Hope that helps.

  4. Hey my settings work before and it been couple weeks now.. If I go to settings then General then storage i can see some apps but when I click show all Apps it loads then directly to the desktop…is the a way to fix it…

  5. You didn’t mention what is probably my FAVORITE part of this new feature, the ability to remove ANY app from your device (even ones that aren’t visible on the limited number of app pages).

    I just wish Apple would offer additional sorting methods other than just by size. If I know exactly which app I want to delete, I want to be able to find it by name (I have no idea how much size it takes up).

    Apple could just add the swipe to delete option in the spotlight search. That would work really well too!

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