How To See Which Apps Are Using the Most Battery on the iPad

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iPad Battery Percentage

Nothing wrecks the experience of using a great mobile device like having poor battery life. You can have the latest, greatest iPad Air 2 or a flagship smartphone, but if your battery life struggles to keep up with your useof the device, it can quickly become frustrating and also put a dent in your productivity.

iOS 8 gives us a greater ability to manage battery life on the iPad – in addition to standard best practices for improving iPad battery life (adjust brightness, keep unused services turned off etc.), we can now also see which iPad apps are using up the most battery.

Here’s how to do this on an iPad running iOS 8:

— Open the Settings app

— Select ‘General’ on the left sidebar showing sections of settings

iPad Settings General

— Tap on ‘Usage’ on the General screen


— Tap on ‘Battery Usage’ at the top of the Usage screen – and you’ll see this screen:

iPad Battery Usage screen

This Battery Usage screen lists which apps have been using the battery, from biggest user down. By default it will show these usage numbers from the last 24 hours of use – but you can also toggle to see the last 7 days usage with just one tap on the button just above the listing.

This small feature can be a big help in managing and improving battery life on the iPad. You can identify any apps that may be burning through more battery than expected and seek alternatives, or adjust your usage of those apps once you identify any that look like battery hogs.

For lots more useful hints on how to get the most of your iPad, check out our iPad Tips & Tricks section.

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  1. The iOS 8 is really full of surprises. I really have to admit I still didn’t discover this feature, which is so useful.
    Thank you for great tutorial Patrick, will use this for sure!

    Have a great day,

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