How to set-up and configure Notifications on your iPad

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Notification Center has an all new look in iOS 8.  Configuring how and which notifications you receive from your arsenal of downloaded apps doesn’t have to be rocket science.  If you are new to iOS, are having difficulties setting up notifications on your iPad, or you have no idea what Notification Center is all about–you’ve come to the right place.

What is Notification Center?

First things’s first–do you know where to find Notification Center on your iPad, and what is it used for?  No matter what page or app your are viewing, you can access Notification Center at any time by swiping down from the top of the screen.  It can be the middle, left or right side–it doesn’t matter it all works the same.  When you swipe down to reveal Notification Center you will notice two viewing options–the “Today” view, which shows you all of your selected widgets, and your collection of system-wide notifications.


How to add and remove apps from Notification Center

To add or remove apps from Notification Center open the Settings app–> Notifications.  At this point you can view all the apps included in Notification Center as well as those not included and sort your viewing options manually, or view them by time.


How to configure Notification options for each app

To configure viewing options for each app within Notification Center start by selecting the app you wish to modify.  Once selected you will be presented with a variety of information that can be further adjusted for each individual app.  The first option allows Notifications from the selected app.  To dis-allow Notifications simply turn this feature off and all other options will be removed from that app, as it will now be placed in the “Do Not Include” list.


If you would like to keep an app included in Notifications you will now have the option to select the total number of Notifications that will be displayed in Notification Center from that app.  The choices are 1, 5, 10 or 20 total items to be displayed.


Next you can choose whether or not your notifications are accompanied by sound, if they are viewed as a badge app on the app icon (indicating how many notifications that app currently has that have not been viewed), and if notifications from the particular app are displayed on the lock screen.  Furthermore you may also choose the alert style when your iPad is locked.  These options include “None” which are not displayed on the locked iPad screen, “Banners” which appear at the top of the screen and eventually go away by themselves, and “Alerts” which require the user to act on the alert before proceeding because they appear in the middle of the screen


Additionally, you can also choose whether you see alerts from anyone or just individuals in your list of contacts, as well as if you want to show previews of the alerts.





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