How to set-up and use Apple Pay on your iPad

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image credit: Apple

When Apple Pay was first introduced along side the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the bulk of the attention for the service that allows customers to pay for products at participating stores that support NFC technology, was centered around the two new mobile devices.  After all, the new iPhones are the only Apple products that currently contain NFC chips capable of paying at merchant terminals.  While this is all true, few people realize that you can also use Apple Pay on your iPad.  Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting you walk into a Whole Foods store and buy your free-range eggs with your iPad, or attempt to pay for your next Big Mac at the Drive-Thru window–although that would be fun to watch.

Apple-Pay-iPad 2image credit: Apple

However, if you have an iPad Air 2 or an iPad mini 3 you have a Touch ID sensor, and with that Touch ID sensor, you have the ability to make secure purchases with Apple Pay.  Touch ID provides you the freedom to make payments in apps that support Apple Pay.  Apps of this type typically sell goods and services.  In addition, you can also use Apple Pay to make purchases on the Apple Store App.

Additional requirements needed to set-up Apple Pay are iOS 8.1. or later, Touch ID set-up on your iPad, and an iCloud account.  For a full listing of current participating banks check here.  At this time, Apple Pay is only available in the US, however Apple will be expanding to other participating countries in the near future.

Apps that currently support Apple Pay purchases from within the app

Apple-Pay-appsimage credit: Apple

To set-up Apple Pay on your eligible iPad go to Settings–>Passbook & Apple Pay–> Add Credit or Debit Card.

Here you can add the appropriate information for multiple credit or debit cards you would like to make available for Apple Pay.  When you would like to use Apple Pay to make a purchase within an app, simply press the Apple Pay button and confirm your payment information (you can choose between any card that you have added to Apple Pay). If no changes need to be made, use Touch ID to complete your purchase–that’s it!

Apple-Pay-set-up image credit: Apple

To view your Apple Pay activity or make any changes to your transaction default info (card, billing address, shipping address, email or phone number) open the Passbook and Apple Pay section within the Settings app.


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