How to set-up iCloud Keychain on your iPad

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One of the more useful features in iOS is called iCloud Keychain.  With iCloud Keychain, you can save your passwords and credit card information on all the iOS devices you approve.  Privacy is not a concern as all your confidential information is encrypted–even Apple cannot view what is stored in your iCloud Keychain.  Setting up and configuring iCloud Keychain is easy, and starts in the Settings app.

Open the iCloud Setting and scroll down to the Keychain icon.  If you haven’t already, turn the tab to the on position. Once activated, you can open the Advanced tab to further configure your settings.  The first choice you all tasked with is whether or not you would like your iCloud security code to be used to set-up iCloud Keychain on additional devices.


Additionally, you can also change your iCloud security code at any time.  When chosen you will first be prompted to to enter your Apple ID and password.  If you would rather, you may also choose to create a complex or randomly generated security code rather than the default 4-digit  code.

Lastly, you can enter a phone number that you can receive a SMS message at to verify your identity when using your iCloud security code.  It doesn’t have to be your own phone number, though, as it can simply be a number of another family member or someone else you trust.



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