How to set-up iCloud on your iPad

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One of the more useful ways to get the most out of your iPad is to set-up iCloud during the initial set-up process.  Although if, for whatever reason you don’t, you can always come back to the set-up procedure at anytime in the Settings app on your iPad.

Update your iPad to the latest version of iOS

Making sure your iPad is running the latest version of iOS is the best way to ensure it is running at optimal performance.  With every iOS update, even the incremental ones, Apple increases functionality of the device, by fixing bugs in the OS and making it that much more efficient.  To check that you are running the most recent version of iOS, go to the Settings menu, select General–> Software Update.  If there is a newer version available, follow the directions to complete the process.


Turn on iCloud

Although it may seem obvious, now you need to make sure iCloud is turned on.  If you chose to activate iCloud in the set-up assistant you should be all set.  However, if you initially skipped this step, now you need to launch the Settings app, select iCloud, then enter your Apple ID.

Claim your free iCloud email account

After setting-up iCloud, you can now claim your free email account from  With an iCloud email account your can check your email at after you turn on Mail in iCloud settings and follow the instructions.

Enable automatic downloads

If you prefer to have all your content (apps, music and books), download automatically in the background, you can do so via the Settings app–> iTunes & App Stores.


Turn on iCloud on all your devices

Finally, if you have additional Apple products like iPhones or Macs, you can turn on iCloud on these devices as well to get the full benefit of this cloud service.  This can be especially helpful because changes made on any device signed into your iCloud account will automatically update across all your devices.


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