How To Setup a New iPad, No Computer Required

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Are you getting a new iPad for a loved one or friend this holiday season? Or maybe receiving one as a gift yourself? If so, you may find it handy to know how to go through the basic setup to get your shiny new iPad ready to start being used.

Luckily, this is a very simple process and does not require a computer. Here’s how it goes:

— Wake the iPad up by pressing the Home button or Power button, and slide to configure as prompted on the screen.

New iPad setup

— Choose your language on the next screen.

New iPad setup choose language

— Choose your country next.

New iPad setup

— Next you’ll need to choose a local WiFi network to join, and enter a password if required for the network.

New iPad setup Join Wifi Network

— Next you’ll see a screen that says ‘Activating iPad’. It advises you that this may take a few minutes and it usually does.

New iPad setup Activating

— Once activating completes, you’ll see a screen where you can choose whether or not to enable location services. Generally, it is a good thing to enable these as they are useful for a variety of purposes – including tracking your iPad if it is lost or stolen, helping Maps and other apps determine your location, and allowing photos apps to export full details along with your images.

— Next you will choose whether to setup as a new iPad or restore from either an iCloud or iTunes backup. We’re talking here about setting up a new iPad – so you just choose the ‘Setup as New iPad’ option.

New iPad Setup Setup as New iPad

— The next screen will ask you to sign in with an existing Apple ID or create a new one. This is an important step as this ID is used to download and install apps, music, books, and movies on the iPad. It is required even for installing free apps and items. Although you can skip this step, it is worth taking the time to sign in or create a new ID so that the iPad is ready to use to install apps and content.

New iPad Setup Apple ID Sign In

— Next you’ll need to agree to Apple’s terms and conditions.

— After agreeing to the T&Cs you’ll get to choose whether or not you would like to use Siri. Siri is the intelligent voice assistant for the iPad. She can be used for voice dictation in apps and looking up useful information for you. You can choose to turn the feature on and off later in the Settings app too once the iPad setup is finished.

— Finally you’ll be asked whether or not you would like the iPad to send diagnostics information as you use it. Though this is useful to assist Apple in discovering and fixing any software issues, I tend to leave this turned off in the hope it will improve battery life and device performance.

That’s it. Now your iPad should show you this screen confirming that setup is complete and your iPad is ready to use, and then the iPad home screen itself.

Start Using iPad

Once you tap ‘Start Using iPad’ you’ll see the iPad home screen shown at the top of this post and your iPad is all ready to go.

If you need more iPad tips and how-to guides, be sure to check out our iPad Tips & Tricks section.

I hope this post was helpful and that your new iPads serve you well.

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9 thoughts on “How To Setup a New iPad, No Computer Required”

  1. That’s basically a start and first pushing of power button but how to transfer my files, photos, movies from external drive or DVD discs without a PC (also how to transfer my stuff from a smartphone to the iPad) ?

  2. Do you have the option of getting into the settings to be able to get the MAC address. I have the MAC filtering enabled on my router, so have to add it to the list there before the wifi sign on will work.

    1. Unfortunately no. You can’t access Settings prior to running through setup. Probably easiest to turn off the restrict by MAC address setting on your router just temporarily and then turn it back once iPad setup is done.

  3. Yeah, everybody wants to help us with our “fresh out of the box” ipad. Some of us got hand-me-downs for Christmas instead — what if you got your techie spouse or brother moved on to The Next New Thing– how do you set up a hand-me-down ipad? I’d like to keep some of the apps, but want to set it up for different email box, etc., too. Do I have to erase and start over?

    1. No, no need to start over. You can keep installed apps, sign out of the App Store and then sign in with your own ID for future purchases. And email accounts can be added and removed any time you like.

    2. I am having trouble setting up my WiFi. I initially started setting up the IPad in Louisianna, and I don’t know if info from my brotherinlaw is on it or what. Making me feel like a real dummy!!

  4. Got an Ipad 2 3G, WIFI. when i switched it on there was a grey screen with a big arrow in the middle and i was always being prompted to WLAN. (also the language is Dutch- i want english) I inserted a Sim card and it is now opening to the WLAN page directly. It is not recognising the SIM and i dont have any Icons at all. Pls help

  5. It is supossed to be easy, what a lot of nonsense!. I have an apple id, did not recognised password, chnged it as instructed an still it does not recognise it. So, got to the end BUT cannot sign in into my accout. Will I be ever able to use iTunes etc, buy things? God knows. Bought this just because of moving etc. What a joke.

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