How to sign up for cellular service on your iPad

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From time to time, if you use your iPad away from home with enough regularity you will most likely come across more than one occasion when you might need to use cellular service to complete an important task.  Using your iPad in this manner can only happen if your iPad is LTE enabled.  In the last few years Wi-Fi Hot-Spots have proliferated through the places we frequent most often while away from our home base.  This has directly reduced the need to use  our iPads over a data connection.  Furthermore, the US cellular carriers have expanded Family Sharing plans to the extent that many of us, myself included, simply tether our iPad to our iPhones or other mobile devices to share data as needed.

If the scenarios I previously discussed don’t satisfy your need/desire to access a data connection on your LTE enabled iPad, you always have the option to sign up for cellular service right from your device. In order to proceed, though, you need to be sure that your iPad has an embedded Apple SIM which is found on the new 9.7″ iPad Pro Wi-Fi + Cellular version, or an Apple SIM card, which can be found on all other Wi-Fi + Cellular iPad models with Touch ID.

US Cellular Carriers

It is very convenient to be able to choose your carrier of choice, and sign up for cellular service right from your iPad.  In addition, under certain circumstances, you may also have the option to travel out of the county with your iPad and sign up for cellular service with a carrier in the country you’re visiting. Please be advised, though, that this service might not be supported in the country you are traveling to.  Taking a little time to research before you travel and having a quick conversation with your US cellular carrier to collect all important information is highly recommended.

How to Sign up for Cellular Service on you iPad

To get started, open the Settings App–> Then select Cellular Data.  Now choose–> Set Up Cellular Data and follow the onscreen prompts and instructions to complete the process.  If available, you can also set up cellular service in another country that you are traveling to.  Using local carrier data is much more beneficial than simply choosing to roam locally. The same procedure works in this scenario as well…Settings–> Cellular Data–> Choose a Data Plan, then selector plan of choice.

Apple SIM Card Kit
Lastly, you can purchase an Apple SIM card kit at an Apple Retail location in countries that have participating carriers.

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  1. I am going to buy the new 9.7″ iPad Pro. I already have a iPad Mini with Verizon Wireless. I’m either going to transfer the Verizon Wireless to the Pro or just add the Pro to my Verizon account. It’s just a month to month, non contract account. How would I do either one of those things? Should I contact Verizon first?

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