How to sort and report junk iMessages with iOS 8.3 on your iPad

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Apple update iOS software to version 8.3 yesterday in advance of the Apple Watch launch.  To update your iPad open the Settings app and go to General–> Software Update.  The list of enhancements and updates is quite extensive.  Highlighted by improved performance for

  • App Launch
  • App responsiveness
  • Messages
  • Wi-Fi
  •  Control Center
  • Safari Tabs
  • 3rd-party keyboards
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Simplified Chinese keyboard

and fixes for the following

  • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
  • Orientation and rotation
  • Family Sharing
  • CarPlay
  • Enterprise
  • Accessibility

Followed up by an extensive number of additional improvements and bug fixes too long to list.

As with most iOS updates, there are always less talked about improvements that are welcomed changes. Sometimes we’re really lucky, and these improvements solve nagging issue that have existed longer than they should have.  This is one of them.  Now we can sort and report junk Messages thanks to iOS 8.3–here’s how.

You can now organize your iMessages into two categories–> Unknown Senders and Senders you already have saved in your contacts.  You can set up how you want your Messages organized by opening the Settings App and scroll down to the “Filter Unknown Senders” section.  Turn it on–this will turn off notifications for iMessages you receive from people that are not in your contacts, and then sort them into a separate list.  These two lists are seperated at the top of the screen.

All messages that are from Unknown Senders will now be in their own category and can be reported as junk as long as you haven’t replied to the message.  By deleting the message and reporting as junk, the message contact info will be sent to Apple–most likely to be added to a master list of repeat spammer accounts.  However, it is important to note that once you reply to a message in your “Unknown Sender” category, the option to report as junk is removed.

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