How To Stop Your iPad Data Plan from Auto-renewing

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iPad Cellular Data Account login

iPad cellular data plans – whether they’re 3G or the latest 4G and LTE – are set to auto-renew once you have set them up. You should receive regular email notices reminding you that your plan has been renewed each month.

One question I’ve seen a number of iPad users ask recently is how to stop the data plan from auto-renewing. It’s easy to do and can be done on the iPad with no need to call your cellular carrier. Here’s how:

— Open the Settings app and tap on Cellular Data in the left sidebar

— Tap on View Account on the Cellular Data screen

— Enter your email address and password where prompted on screen and tap Next. This will take you to the Account Overview screen, that should look something like this:

iPad Cellular Data Account

— Tap on Add Data or Change Plan

—  Then you get to the Current Plan Status screen – where you can tap Cancel Plan down at the bottom of the set of choices to have the plan cancelled at the end of the current period. You can also adjust the plan on this screen – to a lower amount of data  / less expensive plan, or a higher amount of data / more expensive option.

If you choose to cancel the plan you’ll get a further screen asking if you want to cancel and delete your account with the carrier or just cancel and delete the account later (it’s deleted automatically after 60 days of inactivity). Once you make your choice on those options you just tap Confirm to complete the plan cancellation.

That’s it. Once you’ve hit confirm the data plan will finish at the end of the current plan period.

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4 thoughts on “How To Stop Your iPad Data Plan from Auto-renewing”

  1. When you cancel thru the iPad and have Verizon, and you ever want to get the data service again on the iPad, you will have to go to Verizon store to activate and be Very aware of them trying to pop you with an activation fee. I complained and manager waived it, but it was on bill the next month. Went back to store…said they would go right then and fix it….got bill this month…still no credit…now back to store AGAIN.

  2. My provider dosnt let me open up the account it say this option is not provided by my provider Bell

    1. I’ve been spending months trying to deactivate my ipad plan from Bell in Canada. There is literally no way. They are crooks I want to sue these criminals.

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