How to unify your Contacts list on your iPad

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Let’s face it, we’ve all gotten a little sloppy from time to time when it came to keeping our contacts in order. Perhaps it’s a product of how we import our contacts to our iPad or iPhone in the first place.  If we simply started from scratch, and entered them all one-by-one everything would be copacetic–but who has time for that anyway?  Unfortunately, what we end up doing is importing all of our contact information from the various email accounts we have accumulated over the years, because we haven’y taken the time to simplify all that information into one account.  The resulting eclectic mix of half backed contact, while a “solution” is really not what most of us want.

How to Unify our Contacts

Contacts that are saved from multiple sources not only create a half-baked solution that can be hard to navigate, sometimes they result in storing multiple entries for the same person.  Apple attempts to overcome the dilemma of redundant contacts by linking and displaying contacts from different sources as a single unified contact. This is further identified with the tag Unified Contact.


Unfortunately, multiple entries for the same contact aren’t always linked automatically.  No worries, though, because you can unify them yourself quite easily. To do this first, choose Edit in one of the contacts, then Link Contact, and choose the other contact you’s like to link. Since linked contacts aren’t actually merged, any changes you make to the information of the unified contact will be copied to each source account wherever they may reside.

One note about linking contacts that don’t share a common first or last name–the names on the individual cards won’t change, but you have to choose which name will appear on the unified card.  To do this, tap Edit, tap the linked card with the name you prefer, then tap Use This Name For Unified Card.”


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