How to use alternative apps to navigate to an address from Apple Maps

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Apple Maps have come along way since Scott Forestall first introduced them with iOS 6 in 2012.  I prefer them over Google Maps most of the time, especially with regard to navigation.  However, as one might suspect, they still are not on the same playing field with Google Maps when it comes to search results from within the app. This might not be the case for you, and even though you may know that you have countless alternative options when it comes to competing map programs–you do have options.  There is actually a quick and easy way to navigate to an address from within a different mapping app if you already have the address loaded into Apple Maps–here’s how.


Apple makes it so easy, you don’t even have to have the alternative app downloaded to your iPad prior to starting this process. Like I mentioned previously, you need to have your address, or pin drop (approximate location) already loaded in Apple Maps.  Once entered, the location (address) will show a pin on your iPad screen with a label defaulting to the driving directions and the estimated time it will take to navigate the that location.  When you tap on that label you will see a split screen showing a satellite view of the location and options to drive to that location or to use that location as your starting point.  Selecting either will give you itemized turn-by-turn directions.  You can then select the “Route” button in the top right of the screen to see the full route on a map.


At this point you can choose to start driving using the driving directions, view walking directions to the same location OR elect the “Apps” option in the upper right to see your route from within alternate apps.  The first option(s) will be via apps already installed on your iPad.  However, you can also choose available App Store options that are listed below the installed options.  Selecting one of them will take you to the App Store where you can download and/or purchase the app to use for navigation.



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