How To Use Folders on iPad – Video Demo

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Folders are one of the big new features for iPad, added in the iOS 4.2 software update for iPad this week. They let you group your apps in folders and they are a tremendous help in organizing your apps and home screens on the iPad.

Folders are easy to work with and a pleasure to use. For those who have not yet tried them out, the video demo above offers a quick rundown on how to use folders on the iPad.

Happy apps organizing!

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16 thoughts on “How To Use Folders on iPad – Video Demo”

    1. I'm not sure I understand the question. You've always been able to move an app from one home screen to another, and you still can.

  1. Very Nice
    What's missing:
    How many new pages you can have to fill up folders ?
    The fact that you can't put Folder with in folder.

  2. What a fantastic blog to use. Have learnt a huge amount about multi tasking and moving apps in a very short space of time.Cheers

  3. Thanks for all the useful tips.

    How do you create folders to put your pictures in? Should be very straight forward but I can’t seem to get it to work. From looking at some other blogs looks like it’s not possible on the iPad directly – that’s super weak.

    Is there a way to rename or put a note on the photos?


    1. Hi Mari – very glad to hear you love the site. And no you cannot lock a folder with a password. It may be possible if you jailbreak the iPad, but not on a normal stock iPad.

  4. How about creating folders to manage pages/documents? I’m considering buying an lPad but the thought of having to hunt through hundreds of unfiled documents puts me off moving away from a laptop. is there any way around this? Many thanks.

    1. That’s not possible in iOS (the iPad operating system) right now. There are many good 3rd party services for file sync that have iOS, desktop, and online apps. They may help you get around this to some degree.

  5. Can you lock folders? If not is there any apps or other ways you can secure certain apps on the iPad?

    1. No you can’t lock folders. There are no apps that I know of that let you secure individual apps. There may well be some (especially in the jailbreak arena) – I just can’t think of any top of the head.

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