How to use iCloud Keychain to generate a password on your iPad

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We all know how important password management is these days. It’s bad enough when “evil-doers” are able to break into databases that are built to keep your most private information safe.  So there’s no need to give them a head start by using your “favorite” password to sign into all, or the majority of your protected online accounts.  Luckily, you can use iCloud Keychain to create random passwords for your online accounts.  If you’ve haven’t set-up iCloud Keychain yet, here is a quick and easy tutorial.

The purpose of using iCloud keychain is to be able to sign into all of your accounts, on all of your various devices, using consistently stronger passwords.  The random nature of iCloud generated passwords ensures that the layer of protection you will now experience will be far more secure than by recycling the birthday of your oldest child, or your wedding anniversary, etc.


To get started, first open Safari on your iPad.  Now open up the webpage of the site you would like to create a secure password for.  Fill in all the information for any forms or documents you need to complete, and when you need to create a password, tap on the box to reveal the following message Safari Can Create a Secure Password for You. 


At this point you can click on suggest password  and a randomly generated, encrypted password will be created that Apple does not have access to.  This new random password will now be stored in your iCloud keychain and available to use with all devices that you have activated iCloud keychain on.  When signing into an account with an iCloud Keychain saved password, the password will now be autofilled when you enter your username.


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