How to view your iPad Photo library by Geolocation

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Napkin 04-29-15, 10.57.50 PMThere are various ways that you can search, organize and view your photo library on your iPad.  You can choose to view your photos based on when they were taken, or by how you grouped them into albums.  You can even view them based on when and who you shared individual or groups of photos with.  But did you also know you can view your photos based upon where they were taken?  Let me preface this by saying that this will only work if you have allowed the Photos application on your iPad to have access to your location.  To check this setting and/or change it, go to the Settings App–> Privacy–> Location Services–> Photos.  Here you will have two options to choose from–allow the Photos App access only while you are using the app, and not allow at all.

To view your photos based on their geolocation, this feature must be set to “while using the app” or the pictures won’t even have a location to sort them by.  Once you have the setting updated, all of your photos taken on your iPad moving forward will now have a geolocation stamped into the metadata stored within the photo.  Armed with this knowledge, you can now sort and search your photos based upon their location.

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To get started, launch the Photos App.  Depending on what category your photos open to by default, you will eventually need to have the “Photos” tab selected from the options at the bottom of the page.  Next, navigate from Moments to Collections, and you will begin to see your headings populated with location information that may include more detailed information as to where the Photo was taken. This area will also have a date associated with it that is located on the far right of the heading.

If you back out even further, to Years, you will see all your pictures broken out into collections of very tiny thumbnails based on the year they were taken.  Within each year there will be a listing of locations.  If you select the arrow to the right of that listing you will see a map that will display where all your photos were taken.  Each stack of photos on the map will have a notification badge associated with it if there was more than one one photo taken there.  The badge will display the total number of photos in the stack.  Selecting the tab will open another window with all the photos from that location.

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