iOS 6 and iPad: Now It’s Much Easier To Attach a Photo to an Email

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iOS 6 Mail Insert Photos

Here’s a neat little feature of iOS 6 that hasn’t drawn a lot of attention: it is now much easier to attach a photo to an email on the iPad. Before iOS 6 to do this we had to go to the Photos app, which was more than a little counter intuitive.

Now you can attach a photo to an email from within the Mail app while composing a message – just as you’re accustomed to doing in a desktop mail application. Here’s how:

— Open the Mail app and tap to compose a new message

— Tap and hold anywhere in the body area of your email message. This will bring up the popover menu shown in the screenshot above, with a button for ‘Insert Photo or Video’. Tap that button.

— That will bring up a Photos dialog where you tap to choose the album you want to select a photo or video from – Camera Roll, Photo Stream etc. Tap the album you want, then tap on the image or video you want to attach.

— You can tap and hold again in another email body area to insert more images.

That’s it – it’s a more natural way to go about attaching photos to an email.

iPad Insert Photo in Email

I haven’t yet seen a way to select multiple images at once when doing this. If anybody knows a trick for that please share.

Happy photo sending. :)

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32 thoughts on “iOS 6 and iPad: Now It’s Much Easier To Attach a Photo to an Email”

  1. Hi all, inserting photos into the body of emails is real cool and easy, thanks Patrick. I have a question maybe someone can help me with, after installing os6 on my iPad I noticed that I have several pictures that are the same, and I have been unable to delete the duplicates; I hit edit, check mark the photo to delete, but the delete button will not activate, how do I delete duplicate photos?

  2. I tried to transfer video I shot with my iPhone to my iPad using the connector and it did not work my iPhone said the device was not supported. Any ideas as to why it wanton work?..

  3. Thanks for the tip. I didn’t know you could do this. But in answer to your question, once you’ve added a photo, just tap and hold the white area above the picture and the “add photo or video” will pop up again. You can add multiple pics this way. I haven’t seen a way to select a bunch of pictures then send them all to e-mail simultaneously.

  4. As much as I support this feature with the new iOS, I feel like email attachments could be even better. This should have already been a feature of email. I think this is one of the areas where android beats iOS. This coming from an Apple fan who uses both types of devices :)

    1. If you select edit on the photo album screen you will see the options to delete, share, or add to like it used to be.

  5. Here, here. SPeaking of features that should have come WAY before attactments….where is the “select all” when managing and selecting selecting emails!?

    Good googly moogly…and we crow about the “VIP” list? Its like having a GREAT HOUSE…and the toilet doesn’t work? Just all techno now….

  6. BEWARE!

    I just inserted multiple photos with text interspersed between them and ALL the text after the first photo got removed. Really disappointing because this had turned in to a long and detailed email, and all I wrote disappeared.

    Anyone else experienced this?

    1. Yes, I can’t insert a photo without losing all text after insertion. This is sinceupdating go iOS 6, iPhone and iPad. Very annoying! Anyone have any thoughts on this?

      1. I have the same problem with text after the first photo disappearing.
        This happening on both an iPhone5 and an iPad3 with iOS6.

        I am using the iOS email app with a Gmail account setup with Exhange.

        Real pain in the neck. Anyone know how to fix?

  7. John, I just did the same format of typing, inserting picture, more typing nd another picture. Did this for about 5 pictures and worked fine.

    1. I’ve just been testing this too. It works fine for me. I can write a block of text, insert an image, write a second block of text, insert a second image, write a third block o text, insert another image, and so on. All the text is fine and both text and images come through fine when the email is sent.

      1. Perhaps if you add a picture then type after that it will work but it won’t work if you type the paragraph then try to insert a picture above the paragraph that’s already been written. ??

  8. I found one way to add multiple photos to an email in iOS 6. Go to photos, click on your album, click ‘edit’ and then you can select multiple photos. From there click ‘share’ and then ‘copy’ now go and create a new email message and hold down in the body of the email and you can select ‘paste’ which will past your photos into the email. Hope this helps! It was easier with iOS 5 than it is on iOS 6.

    1. Thank you Nate! That was driving me crazy, it was so much easier in iOS5 to email multiple photo’s. I don’t know why they took out the option to email under the share button. Seems pretty obvious. I actually think the writers comment about the old way being counter intuitive is backwards!

      1. Two things here: I said the old way was counter intuitive because most of us have used desktop or browser-based email apps for years. In those, you attach a photo from within the Mail app, you don’t start in a Photos app.

        Also, the option to email has not been removed from the Share button in the Photos app. It is the first option listed.

        1. Actually you are both correct (and both incorrect ??).

          The option to email is only there is you select 5 photos or less. With 5 [hotos or less you have all options – Mail, Message, Facebook, Print and Copy.

          Select 6 photos, and it is no longer an option. Then, if you select 7 or more photos the option to Message them goes away, and you are only left with Facebook, Print and Copy.

          This seems like a tack to force users into certain bandwidth usage patterns, I don’t really care for it …

  9. I have a different question about photos. When you want to save a pic from Facebook or anywhere & hold your finger on the pic until the SAVE caption appears, then hit SAVE….where does the photo save to? It used to go directly to my photos/photo albums. Now I cannot find it anywhere.

  10. I don’t get it. Why remove that feature of selecting multiple photos to send through email, like in the previous iOS version. I don’t get it.

  11. I have the same problem as Nancy, I used to be able to save photos from Facebook and the photos are saved in ‘Camera Roll’ album. But since I update my iPad to IOS 6, I don’t have a clue where the photos are saved to. Pls help!

  12. I have same problem, since updating to ios6,with saving photos from Facebook -they have disappeared ,but this is only happening on the IPad not on IPhone. Help please

  13. what a stone age invention to attach photos to an open email. I had this already in my windows 4 phone 6 years ago… Still no way to attach other file to an email. Really pain in the but if I need to send my customer a photoshop image :( need to switch to android…

  14. Goto photos, click on edit, select the ones you want (multiple). Then, click on share (copy) to select multiple photos.

    Goto email, hold and on the popup menu click paste. You can now send multiple photos easily.

  15. What do you do if you do NOT want your photos embedded?
    I want them as attachments because I have an email address with a program that extracts the attached files and stores them in different locations.
    If it is not possible, Apple (and others) should implement a way to keep the old settings before changing to something new.

  16. Just picked up on this thread – I get the same problem with iPad 3 on IOS 6.0.1. All the text between and after photo insertion disappears (on both the sent and received emails). Anyone know what the answer is please?

  17. I have two iPads 2, but only one of them is showing this feature, why could it be? Do I need to change something on the Configuration menu?

  18. On my iPad mini with ios 6.1.3, using the mail options from above, photo transfer by email reduces the photo quality to 54 KB only. This is in many cases really poor. Is there a better solution?

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