iOS 8: How To Add Widgets to Notification Center

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iOS 8 Notification Center

One of the areas that Apple has opened up in iOS 8 is access to Notification Center – as in access for third party apps. Now it’s supported and you can add Notification Center widgets for some of your favorite 3rd party apps.

Here’s how:

— Open Notification Center – with a swipe down from the top of the iPad screen from within any app or from the home screen

— Scroll down to the bottom of Notifcation Center and tap on the ‘Edit’ button


— The next screen will show you the list of default items included in Notification Center and, below that, a list of installed 3rd party apps that can be added. On my iPad I could choose from Evernote, Dropbox, Yahoo Weather, and Duolingo. Just tap the + button to the left of the app name to add it to Notification Center.

Then in the listing of included widgets, you’ll see slider buttons to the right of each widget name – tap and hold on these to move a widget up or down in the view. You can also remove widgets you don’t want by tapping on the minus icon to the left of the widget name.

Here’s my new Notification Center screen as of today:

New Notifcation Center Widgets

These widgets are not yet as powerful as widgets on an Android device, but you can interact with them. For example, the Evernote widget lets you create new notes of various types, Dropbox lets you tap to jump to recently added files, and Duolingo and Yahoo Weather both link straight out to their respective parent apps.

Happy iOS 8 widgeting – and please let us know in the comments about any cool apps you spot that get widget support.

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