iPad App Store Error Saying Paypal Is Not Supported on This Device is Bullshit

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iPad App Store Bullshit error message

This morning while trying to purchase and install a new iPad app I was greeted with a very odd set of popup messages and then a even stranger error. And it turns out the error message the App Store showed me is entirely wrong. Here’s what happened and the end result proving that the App Store error message was bullshit:

I chose to purchase an app called Little Star and tapped to buy it in exactly the same way as I always do.

After being prompted for my iTunes password (as always) I got another popup saying that some sort of account verification was needed and prompting for my password again. Once I entered it again I got the screen shown above. The error message reads as follows:

Payment Type

Paypal is not supported on this device. To manage or change your payment method, go to the iTunes Store on your computer.

You must verify your payment info before you can make purchases.

I’ve been using Paypal as my payment method on iTunes and the App Store since 2008 and I have zero desire to change that.

So I opened up on iTunes on my MacBook Pro and attempted to install the same Little Star app. I was again prompted to verify my payment method – but this time I was able to just confirm the existing Paypal method. There was no mention at all of needing to change it or of it not being supported on the iPad.

As soon as I confirmed my information the app download started on my Mac – and I was able to install the same app, and another one, without any issues on my iPad.

I’m guessing this means that something got out of sync between iTunes and the App Store on the iPad. A very quick Google search reveals that this issue has been around for a while. I hope this post will help any of you who see this error message. The upshot is that you DO NOT have to change your payment method. You just need to re-verify it in iTunes on a desktop PC to get something back in sync.

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6 thoughts on “iPad App Store Error Saying Paypal Is Not Supported on This Device is Bullshit”

  1. I have been having all sorts of headaches with the iTunes store lately asking me to verify my payment method. Lately about half of my attempted purchases on any device are met with a request to confirm my payment method. Many time after I enter the requested information the iTunes store will appear to be processing the purchase only to seconds later ask me to confirm my payment method AGAIN. Something is definitely going on with the payment processing system on iTunes, and it is with all forms of payment not just Paypal.

  2. Thank you for this information. If I could respectfully request though, not to include curse words in the subject or body of an article, as I almost daily use your info to our college and it happens to be a Christian college as well.

    Anyway, thanks so much again for the info. This is useful as we have 1200 students about to receive the iPad 3’s here.


    1. Hi Dwayne

      Glad to hear you’re a regular reader. I try to keep any use of profanity to a real minimum in all my posts here – but I find there are some rare times, like this one, where a swear word just feels right to me. I can’t promise this will never happen again, but as I say I do believe in keeping it to a bare minimum and keeping the site very family friendly.

  3. I also have this pop up this week saying PayPal not supported and that I need to change payment method. I woke up this morning to a empty bank account and 250$ in bounced check fees. Somehow someone got my PayPal info and bought a bunch of computer parts. I have only used PayPal for iTunes and have never usedit for anything online or anywhere else so either Apple or Paypal has a problem with stolen account info. If you keep getting that message I would pay close attention to your bank account cause something fishy is going on.

  4. I started having this error message, so I went to Itunes on my laptop, went to View Account. I reauthorized my paypal account and realized the billing address that Itunes had on record was outdated. So I reauthenticated Paypal and changed my billing address on my main Itunes account page. Everything works now. I do have the latest Itunes version, and that was when the error message started on my iPad and iPhone.

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