iPad Basics: How To Attach a Photo to an Email

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Here’s a question I see asked quite a lot by newer iPad users: how do you attach a photo to an email? Happily, this is very easy to do. Here’s how to add a photo as an attachment to an email on the iPad:

— Open the Photos app on the iPad (That’s right things work a little backwards in terms of what you’re used to on a deskop PC) and go to the Camera Roll or whichever album has the photo you want to attach.

— Tap to open the photo that you want to add as an attachment to an email.

— Tap on the Share button near the top right of the screen (it’s actually the third one in from the right, the one that looks like a rectangle with a rightward-moving arrow coming out of it).

— Then tap on the first command choice – ‘Email Photo’.

That will open the Mail app with the selected photo attached. Then you just enter in the recipient/s name as normal, add your subject line and body text and hit Send as usual.

Here are a couple more useful things to know about this:

— When you tap the Share button, as you can see in the screenshot above, there are a number of other actions you can take – including assigning the photo to a contact, using it as your iPad wallpaper, adding it to a tweet, printing it, and more.

— If you want to send a handful of photos rather than just one as email attachments, that’s also easy to do. Here’s how:

— Open the Photos app and go to the album that contains the images you want to attach.

— While you’re still in browsing view with all the images showing as thumbnails, tap the Share button.

— Then tap each image you want to attach. You’ll notice that as you tap each one a blue checkmark will be placed at the bottom right corner of the thumbnail for the image.

— Once you’ve selected all the images you want, tap on the ‘Copy’ button near the top left of the screen.

— Open the Mail app and enter your recipient info, subject, and body text. Then tap and hold below the last line of text (or at whatever insertion point you’d like for the photos) and wait for the small popover to appear – when it does, choose the Paste button to paste in your images.

*** Keep in mind that the more images you add the bigger the email is. Some recipients may use email services that have a limit on the size (total) of attachments. So it’s generally best not to try to send more than 2-3 images at a time.

Hope this was helpful for your iPad photo sharing efforts.

Patrick Jordan

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25 thoughts on “iPad Basics: How To Attach a Photo to an Email”

  1. Thanks for the insight. This seemed to show how to send a photo. My main question is how to attach it to an email. Meaning, I have an email from a friend, how do I respond back to that email with an attached photo? The insight you gave does not address this.

    Thanks for your help.

    1. Tap to select the photo you want to attach, tap and hold anywhere on the image, then select Copy in the popup dialog.

      Go to the Mail app and the reply mail, tap and hold anywhere in the body text area of the mail and select Paste in the popup dialog.

  2. Hey, Patrick, thanks! I’m an iPad beginner trying to figure out how to do things, and this really helped: I followed your directions, and it actually worked! If I sound surprised, it’s because most of the available advice just DOESN’T work . . . So – Respect!

  3. Finally instructions put in plain language that I can understand. Thank you! You need to write a book IPad for new users.

  4. Hi Patrick,
    How can I print out your great advice as above, on my wireless printer. Have you written a book for us novices, it is badly needed! Thank you very much.

    1. A book of iPad tips is something I’m seriously considering at the moment. Thanks for the kind words.

  5. Wow what wonderful and easy to follow instructions without all the technical jargon.
    Thankyou muchly. Can’t wait for your book to come out!!!!

  6. I’m trying to post an ad on Craig’s list and want to attach images in the post. I have to use the crags list email which requires me to attach by browsing my files. Can I do this?


  7. Hello –
    I’m reading your posts –
    I don’t have the share option –
    it’s grayed out. i have a three photos in an album, and they are displayed in the “select photos” screen. Share, Copy, Remove are listed in the top left corner. But the only real option I have is to delete them. The other two are grayed out.
    I want to include these photos in an email. I tried copying them, but cannot get the paste option in the email to appear (either!). Thanks so much for your help in advance!!

  8. Hi
    I followed your instructions and emailed to myself to get photos from the ipad to laptop.
    But when i opened emails (virginmedia) no attachments?????

  9. How can you reduce the size of the photos? I can email them but they arrive too big for recipients to easily see them

  10. I ammissing some, because I don’t seem to be able to email my pictures. This is what I am doing.
    Opening the camera icon.
    Selecting the picture I want to email
    tapping on the box at the right hand corner with arrow-selectin Email photo.

    Nothing is happening.

    Then I tried opening the picture from Camera Roll left hand side selecting a picture

    Email Copy Print Delete. Tap email.. nothing happening

    sure would like to get this figured out, leaving for Cancun tomorrow.

    Thanks anyone.

  11. Thats what I thought. It is backward and less effective. It’s apples stupid way of just being different instead of better.

  12. Whether you REPLY or send a NEW email simply hold your finger down for a second on the white/blank space below the Subject line and a menu bar appears… Insert Photo or video appears as an option…

  13. That’s super.
    Now, how do you remove a picture from an email message?
    I guess nobody at Apple thought of this…

  14. On my iPad 2 to email multiple photos as described in the original article you need to open the album, tap Edit, then select the pictures and tap Share. If you open the album Share is not an option until Edit is opened.

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