iPad Basics: How to Change the Apple ID on the iPad

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iPad Store Settings

An Apple ID is used on the iPad, and all iOS devices, to sign in to all the built-in stores – the App Store, iTunes, and the iBookstore. You need an Apple ID in order to download and install apps, songs, movies, and books on the iPad.

One of the most common questions I see on iPad discussion forums is how to change the Apple ID on the iPad. It’s a very easy thing to do. Here’s how:

— Open the Settings app

— Scroll down the sections in the left sidebar and tap on ‘iTunes & App Stores’ (if you are running an older version of the iPad operating system than the current iOS 6, then this section will  just be labeled Store).

— Then you’ll see the iTunes & App Stores screen in the main window on the right. Right at the top of that screen will be a bar saying ‘Apple ID: username’ (with whatever the current Apple ID is where I’ve said username). Tap on that bar.

iPad Apple ID Sign Out

— That will bring up a popover menu. Tap on the ‘Sign Out’ button on the popover.

— That will take you back to the iTunes & App Stores screen, but now with the Apple ID and Password fields blank. If you have an existing Apple ID you want to change to then fill in those fields and tap on the Sign In bar. If you want to create a new ID just tap on the Create New Apple ID bar and follow the on-screen prompts.

iPad New Apple ID

That’s all there is to changing your Apple ID on the iPad. You can also sign out and sign in with a different ID in the App Store. In the Featured area you scroll all the way down past featured apps and quick links and look for the Apple ID bar. Tap on it to bring up the option to sign out.

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18 thoughts on “iPad Basics: How to Change the Apple ID on the iPad”

  1. Why am I frequently being asked to confirm my Apple ID?
    I have an iMac and an iPhone as well as my iPad and regularly get an email asking me to verify my ID which is the same across the three devices.
    As I am the only user it’s quite annoying – why does it happen and can I stop it?

    1. This is probably occurring because you have Automatic Downloads turned on for music, apps, and books (or at least one of those) in your Store settings. So each time content is purchased on another device (your PC or an iPhone etc) you’ll get that prompt so that the content can be downloaded on your iPad.

  2. What’s the purpose? Does this allow you to download apps from different IDs to use on a device? I use an iPad with work stuff and iPhone 4 for personal stiff-two different IDs for two different accounts and payees. Can I therefore switch accounts and download different apps under these two IDs to use on eachother device?

    1. I’ve seen a large number of people ask about it because they bought a used iPad or had one given to them and they don’t know how to change the ID. It’s also veyr handy in situations where the iPad is shared – in a family, maybe a classroom etc.

  3. I have an IPad2 and IPhone4S with OS6. It seems like I have different Apple ID’s when I download apps or update apps. I have only one account in ITunes. Is there a way I change have only on Apple ID for both of my devises?

  4. Patrick,
    I took over an IPAD2 from somebody whose Apple ID is still there.
    I went to the Setting Up, Store and change the Apple ID to my Apple ID successfully.
    But APPStore Update( when it prompts me to update ) , it went back to the previous IPAD owner’s Apple ID instead of my Apple ID which I have changed.
    Please advice how I can fix this problem.

  5. I did everything above to create a new (icloud) apple ID but when I got to the end there was a message that this domaine name is reserved for MobileMe accts. I’m setting up an ipad for an elderly relative, so am using an iTunes gift card rather than a credit card, if that makes a difference. Any ideas?

    1. It certainly does. You need to enter credit card info. The iTunes gift card can only be made to purchase something.

      1. A credit card IS NOT needed to create an Apple ID, nor is one needed to “buy” and download FREE content from the iTunes Store, App Store, etc.

        For help setting up an Apple ID without a credit card, start here…

        If you live outside the US it’s a bit harder, but still possible. Search the Apple support forums, plenty of help there on this topic. If all else fails, there is always the option of a Visa prepaid debit card – a credit card that’s not a credit card!

        Lastly, be aware that changing the Apple ID on an iPad (or iPhone) can only be done once every ninety days. Apple is very strict about this policy. Don’t change the ID unless you intend it a permanent or semi-permanent change.

        1. This would have been good to know BEFORE I changed it elsewhere. Now, my new AppleID won’t work on my iPad and my old one appears to be invalid. That’s awesome. And I NEVER got any kind of warning that this would be a problem.

  6. Hello guys, i’m not sure how relevant this is, but i bought my iPad from a person, fully restored back to factory setting and all. The issue is whenever i go to update certain apps THAT I HAVE DOWNLOADED WITH MY ID it pops up with the other persons user ID and wants me to give them the password… I’ve restored it several times and signed into my itunes account and back in but nothing seems to make the other users existence on these apps disappear. any thoughts?

  7. i am trying to change my apple ID and it keeps telling me that there is already one in use with my new ID ??????????????

  8. i need help , my settings show up telling my i need to update my apps when i tap to go ahead , i get a popup with my husband’s e-mail and password.
    when i type in his password, its telling me its incorrect. how can i reset the password. or better yet delete his e-mail and have my e-mail come up with my password.

    help, frustrated :)

  9. every couple of days apple rejects my id,when i put it in again it tells me i have used the password in last 12 months.of course i have ,but it rejects it.running out of ideas for pass words.anyone got any ideas.

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