iPad Basics: How To Gift an App on the iPad

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Gift This App on iPad

One of the cool features of the App Store is that it makes it easy to gift an app to a friend or family member. Just as a quick example, my wife has been getting more involved with social media at her job recently and Tweetbot is my new favorite Twitter app for the iPad – so I gifted it to her the other day for use on her iPad.

Happily, doing this straight from the iPad is easy and quick. Here’s how:

— Find the app you want to gift in the iPad App Store and tap on its title to go to its App Store page.

— Tap on the Gift This App link near the top right of the page, as shown in the screenshot above. You’ll then see a popup dialog advising that you need to sign in to your App Store account in order to make the gift purchase. Just tap on Continue and then enter your password when prompted.

— Once you’ve signed in, the next screen will show you summary details of the app you’re gifting – including the app name, price, age rating, and its requirements. This screen also gives relevant details on the gift purchase and reminds you about things you should check. Once you’ve done that, tap Next.

Terms for Gift This App

—  On the next screen you need to fill in your name (this doesn’t need to be your full name – it can just be Dad for example), the recipient’s name, the recipient’s email address, and a personal message if desired. When you’re done, tap Next again.

Your Name

— The next screen gives you a final chance to review all the details of your gift. You can double-check the recipient email address, verify the cost of the app being gifted and tap Buy Gift when you’re ready.

From and To

That’s it. You’ll then see a confirmation screen letting you know your gift has been sent and offering a button to Gift Again if you happen to want to gift the same app to someone else.

I use app gifting a lot to send promising looking educational apps or fun looking games to my daughter. I hope this basic tip will help out some of you who had not yet become familiar with this feature.

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10 thoughts on “iPad Basics: How To Gift an App on the iPad”

  1. Hi, do you have an idea of how corporations manage applications to be downloaded by ipads used by their own employees?, i mean there’s a way to “gift them” these applications directly from the app store?

  2. Caution. Ive had occassions when my “gift” was never received despite my being charged. And there was no recourse. I tried to file a complaint but i got no response.

  3. It’s a quite easy way Apple offers to gift their apps to somebody who is registered in the same country store. But it fails in case of both, sender and receiver, are having an account in different countries.

    1. Is there any way around that at all? I have just purchased an app for someone who lives in a different country and it just would not load.

  4. I wish Apple would allow you to gift already purchased Apps.
    I have a few apps that I don’t use which I would like to give away, it would be nice if you could relinquish an app from your own account to another Apple ID (a bit like giving a CD away that you no longer want or disliked).
    This would also solve the problem some people have where-by they have apps purchased with multiple accounts and wish to consolidate them into one account!

  5. i could be wrong, but since the App Store UI/UX change with iOS6 I haven’t found a way to gift an App using your method, please update your info :)

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