iPad Basics: How to Jump Straight to the Top of the Page in Safari, Mail, Notes, and More

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OK, veteran iPad users look away – this is another of our occasional iPad Basics tips, for those who are newer to the device.

If you’ve ever scrolled way down through an interesting article in the iPad’s Safari web browser app and wished there was a quick way to jump straight back to the top of the page, well … there is. In fact there’s a very simple way to do this. You just tap in the status bar, and you’ll be immediately scrolled back to the top of the page. The status bar is the thin black bar at the very top of the Safari page, with the current time displayed right in the middle of it – as indicated in the screenshot above.

This also works in the built-in Mail, Notes, App Store, and Settings apps, as well as in many 3rd party apps.

In the iPad Mail app, this little feature works particularly well if you are using Mail in landscape view. You can then tap the status bar in the area above the Inbox column on the left to return to the top of the Inbox messages listing, and you can also tap the status bar in the area above the individual message preview to go back to the top of the current message.

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11 thoughts on “iPad Basics: How to Jump Straight to the Top of the Page in Safari, Mail, Notes, and More”

    1. Hey Eric – cool, glad they’re helpful. Oh, and just a quick warning – the honeymoon stage last a looooong time with the iPad. :)

  1. IS there a way to delete all emails at once?

    I’ve seen the question since September but I’ve not see the answer.

  2. Up top of the inbox select edit. Now select as many emails as you wish and push delete down the bottom. Easy.

  3. Awesome info. Ok, so you tap the status bar to return to the top. How do you return to where you started down below?

  4. I downloaded the latest update for iPad and now have tabs on the top of the pages and no area to top to get to the top of the page. Anyone else have change?

  5. Brilliant….such a simple tip but will save me time and mistaken touches of ad screens. Thank u

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