iPad Basics – How To Rename a Folder on the iPad

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iPad Folders

Here’s a very quick, iPad Basics type tip for those of you who are newer to the iPad, or any of you who have just not done much with folders on the iPad yet. If you have a large number of iPad apps, folders can quickly become very useful, if not essential, in organizing your apps on your iPad home screen/s.

You can store up to 20 apps in an iPad folder – so when you start accumulating lots of games, or utility apps, or news apps, for example, you can create folders called Games, Utilities, and News. Instead of having 60 apps spread across your home screens, you could choose to consolidate 20 in each category into folders – and use up only three icon spaces on the home screen or dock of your iPad.

Creating a folder is simple – you just tap and hold on any app icon on the home screen until the apps begin to wiggle. Then move one app that you want to go into a folder on top of another that you want to go in the same folder. Move Angry Birds on top of Monopoly for iPad for example, and a new folder will be created for those two apps – and you can add 18 more whenever you want or need to.

When you create a folder, the iPad’s operating system will give it a name for you, using its best guess based on the two apps you create the folder with. Sometimes these names are spot-on and other times you may want to alter them to suit your tastes.

Happily, it’s easy to change a folder name as you are creating it or at any later date when you decide it needs to be changed. When you are originally creating the folder you just tap in the title field to place the cursor at the end of the folder name. You can use the X backspace key at the top right of the keyboard to delete the letters in the folder name one at a time, or tap the X at the end of folder title bar to delete the whole name all at once. Then just type your new name into the title bar field.

Rename an iPad Folder

If you decide you want to change an iPad folder name at any point after you’ve created the folder, all you need to do is tap and hold any app or folder icon to make them wiggle, tap on the folder whose name you want to edit, tap in the title bar to place the cursor there, and edit the name as desired.

That’s it. Working with folders on the iPad is simple and a very effective way to get your apps organized.

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