iPad Basics: How To Take a Screenshot & a Trick With Existing Pictures

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Handsome Labrador

Just like the iPhone and the iPod Touch, the iPad is able to take a screenshot, to capture the contents of its current screen as a new image.

This is very easy to do, and there is also a neat little trick for creating new images out of existing photos via the screenshot feature on the iPad.

Hit the jump for a quick run-through on these …

To Take a Screenshot on the iPad:

— Simply hold down the Home button and the Power button at the same time for just a quick moment.  You will see the screen flash white briefly and it will have created a new image with the contents of your iPad screen at the moment you snapped the screenshot.

— To view your screenshot image just go to the Photos app, and into the Saved Photos album. They will be placed at the bottom (most recent) of the album.

To Create Fun New Images from Existing Ones with Screenshot

The best way to explain this one is to use an example I think.  So … let’s say you have a photo of an incredibly handsome Labrador, like the one shown at the top of this post, as your starting point and you want to zoom in on his face and capture his comically huge schnozz.

In the Photos app, you use two fingers to pinch to zoom in to his face, and then take a screenshot while zoomed in.


The new screenshot will be placed at the end of your Saved Photos album, and voila you’ll have another view of your (or in this case my) lovable Lab.

And that’s all there is to it.  A very easy to use tool, and one that can be very handy and fun to use. Hope this tip helps some of you who are still getting to know your iPad.

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13 thoughts on “iPad Basics: How To Take a Screenshot & a Trick With Existing Pictures”

  1. Nice trick and very handsome lab! My mom has a black lab and a better breed I don't think exists.

    I use a photo of my pretty kitty on my lock screen.

    1. Yeah – I love Labs of all colors; agree it's hard to think of a better breed, especially as a family dog. Kitty on lock screen sounds good too :)

  2. Thanks for this tip and the blog…longtime Mac user but just got the iPad2 for the big 60. These tips are great. I look forward to more.

      1. Screenshot works better when iPad is held in portrait mode…..in landscape the pic orientation is screwed up. Like labs too, but am partial to my big Golden.

        1. It’s easy enough to rotate the image in a number of good photo / image editing app, and soon should be in the built-in Photos app.

          Goldens are a superb breed too, very similar to Labs, both great family dogs.

  3. Thanks for the very helpful tips! Nice-looking Lab! I love Labs, too, had a wonderful one for 15 years.

    1. Glad the tips were helpful. 15 years is one heck of a good innings – such a wonderful breed.

  4. Is there any alternative way without using buttons to capture a screenshot?
    (eg: using 5 finger pinch to return to home screen)

    Reason is because: I have a sticky iphone4 home button problem and that disabled my screen capture ability, so I’d like to know if there’s alternative ways so as not to overuse the home button on my iPad, resulting in the same sticky situation :(

  5. Is there a trick to downloading the screenshots? They show up in my Camera Roll, but I use Nikon Transfer to dowload photos and other images from the IPad to my Computer, and the screen shots don’t show up as available to download.

    I use screenshots a lot, so emailing each one to my self is unwieldy.


  6. Do u know how friggin frustrating it is to have an app CLOSE every time u want to take a screenshot? It u don’t press both buttons at exactly the right time u either revert to the home screen or close down the app. Especially on iTouch. GGGGGGRRRRRRR!!!!!!

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