iPad Basics: How To Use Notification Center on the iPad

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Notification Center on iPad

Notification Center is one of the headline features in iOS 5. It’s a major improvement to how notifications were previously delivered in iOS and it works wonderfully well on the iPad. It lets you see all your notifications in one clear list view, and it’s instantly available with just a quick swipe gesture from anywhere on the iPad.

For those of your who are newer to the iPad or iOS 5, or even just to notifications on the iPad, here are a few handy little tips for working with Notification Center:

How To Open and Close Notification Center on the iPad

— To open Notification Center from any of your home screens or any app that displays the status bar, just swipe down from anywhere on the status bar. If you’re in a full-screen app that doesn’t show the status bar, you swipe down from anywhere at the very top of the page (on the bezel of the iPad) and you’ll see a little set of bars pop up in the middle of the screen at the top – tap and swipe down on those to invoke Notification Center.

— To close Notification Center you look for the same set bars at the bottom center of the Notification Center view, and tap and swipe up

— To scroll through all your notifications, tap anywhere within the Notification Center list view and move your finger up and down. You can use a flick gesture to move through them more quickly if you have a large number of notifications.

Clearing Notifications from Notification Center

— You can get rid of notifications from each app / source of them within Notification Center. To do so, you just tap on the little X symbol on the far right of the title bar of the app whose notifications you want to clear – then tap again on the word Clear.

Choosing Which Apps Show in Notification Center

— To select which apps can have their notifications shown in Notification Center, go to Settings > Notifications and look at the right hand pane of the page – there are lists of the apps currently in Notification Center and of those that are not. Tap on any app to bring up a new page where you can tap to toggle its presence in Notification Center on or off.

iPad Notifications Settings

More Notifications Options

— When you tap on any app in Settings > Notifications the page you’re taken to lets you adjust various options for how that app’s notifications are handled. As mentioned above, you can toggle on or off their inclusion in Notification Center. You can also:

– Set how many recent items you want to see (from 1-20) if you are viewing the app in Notification Center.

– The Alert Style you want for the app’s notifications (none, banners, or alerts).

– Toggle sounds on and off.

– Toggle on and off the ability to see the app’s notifications on the lock screen.

Hopefully Apple will continue to improve the way notifications are delivered in iOS, but for now Notification Center is a step in the right direction. I hope these basic tips will help you get the most out of it.

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3 thoughts on “iPad Basics: How To Use Notification Center on the iPad”

  1. Notification center is one of my favorite features of iOS 5 – I really don’t know how I got along without it. It is so nice to be able to jump directly to whatever needs attention. Truly a timesaver.

  2. I absolutely hate the new notification changes in iOS 5.0 thru 5.1.1. Example: If I’m using my iPad2 as a remote control for my media center, I get 20 notifications to click off one by one. I want to see them eventually..sure!…but not when I need to pause the movie. There are several other instances where these Notifications are normally turned off but it takes too long to turn them all ON & OFF now. Since iOS 5 there is now no way to turn them off globally like there was in iOS 4.35. The single ON/OFF Notification button has been removed. To turn them ALL off I must click on each individual app in Notifications and turn it off on the NEXT PAGE with the apps notification settings.

    Who were the idiots at Apple that missed that boat.

  3. i have ipad 2 64 gb , i have only got 1400 app s installed on it , but only 78 show up in settings , and notification can you exsplain. why ! thanks david

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