iPad Basics – How To Use the iPad as a Digital Photo Frame

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Lock Screen iPad Photoframe

The iPad is nothing if not versatile – a real jack of all trades. One of its fun and lesser-know features is its ability to server a a digital photo frame – so you can enjoy all your favorite photos as a slideshow invoked right from the lock screen.

Here’s how to do this and a few options you can set for it:

— You put the iPad into photo frame (or Picture Frame as Apple calls it) mode from the lock screen. When the lock screen appears, do not slide to unlock. Instead tap on the icon over to the right of the Slide to Unlock bar.

That’s it – that will start up a slideshow of your photos and images held in your photo library. You may want to take a look at some of the basic settings for this feature as well though.

To do so, go to the Settings app. You’ll see that Picture Frame has its own section, just below Brightness & Wallpaper. Tap there and you’ll have access to these settings:

Transition: Choose from Dissolve or Origami for the transition effect between photos.

Show Each Photo For: Set how long each photo stays on the screen for (from 2 to 20 seconds)

Zoom in on Faces: Toggle on or off

Shuffle: Toggle on or off

All Photos or Albums: Choose whether you want to display all photos or select just certain albums to display in photo frame mode.

iPad Picture Frame settings

I like to select just a couple of albums that have family and incredibly handsome Labrador photos, so I don’t get lots of app screenshots and other work related images thrown into the mix.

iPad as Photoframe

When I’m not using it for work, my iPad sits very close by in a desktop stand – and I love using this feature and having a running show of some of my favorite photos on the iPad.

Happy iPad photo framing.

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5 thoughts on “iPad Basics – How To Use the iPad as a Digital Photo Frame”

  1. What I still can’t quite believe is that there is no option to disable this feature. The only work-around I can think of is selecting an album with one photo: your lock screen background.

  2. Well I can relate to what Ray mentions. Imagine having an iPad which has photographs you may not want your kids or friends who come to your home to see. In the current scenario though the screen is locked, anyone can entertain themselves on some not so flattering photographs.

  3. I can’t see a music feature in photo frame. Am I missing it somehow? Or is it missing in this slide show feature in iPad?

    1. You’re not missing anything – there are no music settings for the Picture Frame feature, though of course you can have music playing in the background via iTunes or 3rd party apps.

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