iPad Basics: No You Cannot Upgrade Storage Memory or Add 4G Cellular Data After Purchase

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Here’s a very quick, very basic iPad buying tip. This is common knowledge for most veteran iPad or tablet owners, but I see these questions asked so frequently in online forums that I thought it was worth a short post.

The questions I’m referring to, and the short answers, are as follows:

Can the iPad’s storage memory after purchase? No. The storage space available out of the box is what you get, and cannot be upgraded. The iPad also has no SD or other additional storage ports. So choose wisely when deciding between 16, 32. an 64GB models. My general rule of thumb is to always go for the maximum storage as long as it’s within  my budget.

Can a WiFi iPad be upgraded to add 4G or any Cellular data plan? No. If you buy a WiFi only iPad it is always going to be a WiFi only model. You cannot upgrade any of the internal components of the iPad. If you own an iPhone or another smartphone you can look into tethering options to provide connectivity to your iPad when away from WiFi.

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3 thoughts on “iPad Basics: No You Cannot Upgrade Storage Memory or Add 4G Cellular Data After Purchase”

  1. I bought some months ago in Madrid – Spain the Ipad4 128GB with 3G. It is great. But now I begin to hear / read all the fuss about 4G and makes me wonder again the eternal question.. did I buy too soon ?…
    And now my real questions:
    is my Ipad also capable of doing 4G ?
    does it need any type of Upgrade SW or HW ?
    Thanks for your help.

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