iPad Tips: Easiest Way To Get Deleted Apps Back on Your iPad

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Here’s a quick, useful iPad tip that will help you out if you’ve ever accidentally deleted an app you had installed on your iPad. Or perhaps had a child who accidentally deleted an app you still want on your iPad.

Luckily, regardless of how an app was deleted, it’s very easy to get it back on your iPad. There are a few ways to get a deleted app back. I’ll list them in order of how easy they are, with the easiest method listed first – here are the steps to get back deleted apps on your iPad:

Use the Purchased Tab in the iPad App Store:

— Open the App Store app on your iPad.

— Tap on the Purchased button in the bottom nav bar.

— Tap on the ‘Not On This iPad’ tab at the top of the screen. That will give you a complete listing of all apps that you have purchased (including free apps) that are not currently installed on the iPad.

— Tap on the download symbol next to the app you want to restore – it’s the symbol next to the app name, a cloud with a downward arrow inside it.

Search for and Reinstall the App in the iPad App Store:

— Open the App Store app on your iPad.

— Use the Search box at top right to search for the app you want to reinstall. The App Store will recognize that you have previously purchased the app and instead of a Price listing / Buy button next to the app name you’ll see a button that says Install.

— Tap the Install button.

Sync with iTunes:

An iTunes sync will also reinstall any missing apps if you have selected to sync all apps or have the missing app chosen among selected apps to sync. In iOS 5 you can sync via WiFi as well as when connected to a PC and iTunes on the desktop.

The only time that this will likely be the quickest method is if the deleted app you want to restore is a very large app. If so, sync when connected to your PC will likely be the fastest option. You can check the file size of an app on its detail page in the App Store. Just below the app’s icon there is a listing that shows what category the app is in, when it was last updated, its version number, file size and more details.

I hope this quick tip is useful for some of you.

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22 thoughts on “iPad Tips: Easiest Way To Get Deleted Apps Back on Your iPad”

  1. Will this work with program’s preinstalled, my son deleted the actual camera and now I can not take photos, even with other camera apps, I need the original one

  2. My MSecure was deleted with all my info in it. Is there any way of getting that info back?

  3. Hey!
    I have a problem,I was downloading apps when I went to the last page” number 11 “and found my old apps that were at the end of that page have disappeared and I can’t find their icons but I can find them on search so can someone Plz tell me how to get the icons back.
    P.S. the mail,music and photos are from them
    Plz help,I don’t know what do to.

    1. The iPad limit is 11 home screens, that’s why the apps aren’t showing anymore. Try using folders to group some of your apps on home screens and reduce the number of home screens and you’ll soon see those ‘disappeared’ apps come back.

  4. Hey!
    I was downloading apps,when I looking at my last page(number11) the apps at the end were gone but I can still getbthem from search but the icons aren’t there,some of the apps were photos ,mail and music.
    Does anyone now how to get them back on the menu?
    Plz help :)

    1. Did you look at my reply to your previous comment? That should solve your problem.

  5. I reduced the apps but they still haven’t come back,what do I do .i have 11 missing apps without the photos,mail and music

    1. Did you use folders? Do you now have less than 11 home screens, or an 11th screen that is not full of apps?

    1. How many home screens do you currently have? If it is 11, is the last screen full? Did you use folders. It’s very hard to offer good advice if you don’t answer questions to get more detail.

  6. Ok 9 and about 10 folders and the rest are apps and the rest are apps and the last
    Page has 5 folders and 3 apps but still nothing happened, what do u suggest

  7. Excuse me sir can you help me solve my problem later because I am going to bed cuz its a different time here and tomorrow u can help find a solution please ,really appreciate it and thnx for all te advice u have already given.

  8. Thank you so much. Great ”plain English” explanation. Fixed problem in only a couple of minutes. Thanks again.

  9. This really helped I was afraid it I reinstalled it I would be charged again, but you were right it did not charge again because it knew I already bought it and all my info was still in the app! Thanks!!

  10. hi there,

    i’ve followed the advice and retrieved my lost app (i used the recorder free app to record) but now the recordings i had recorded arn’t there, is there any way of getting them back?

    many thanks.

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