iPad Tips: How To Find Out How Much Storage Space Is Being Used by Photos

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iPad Usage Screen

Storage space is often at a premium on our computing devices, and especially on our mobile devices. The iPad is no exception and if you own one for long enough you’ll likely have at least one occasion where you need to look at managing and freeing up storage space.

When this occurs, it’s very useful to know exactly what is taking up space on your iPad. In the past I’ve posted on how to see how much space is being used by each of your iPad apps. For many of us it can also be very handy to know how much space is being used by photos on the iPad.

Fortunately this is just as easy as seeing apps’ space usage, and you go to the same place to check on this. Here’s how:

— Open the iPad Settings app

— Tap on the ‘General’ section in the left sidebar

— The tap on ‘Usage’ on the right-hand main portion of the screen – it’s the third one down from the top. Once you tap there it will take a little while for the iPad to refresh the page – then it will display the 10 apps currently using the most space on the iPad, as shown in the screenshot at the top of this post.

— If you take a lot of photos or screencaps with your iPad, import photos from your computers or other mobile devices, or have iCloud Photo Stream turned on then it’s likely that the Photos & Camera app will show up in the Top 10. If not, you can tap on ‘Show all Apps’ at the bottom of that list to reveal the numbers for all apps and find the entry for Photos & Camera – which will show the amount of space it’s currently using.

— You can tap on the entry for Photos & Camera, and you’ll see a breakdown of how much space is being used by the Camera Roll (where screenshots and images are saved to by default), Photo Library, and Photo Stream.

iPad Photos and Camera Storage

Once you see these specific numbers it should help you decide where you may be able to do some trimming of photos on the iPad or where you may need to think about exporting photos to alternative storage.

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4 thoughts on “iPad Tips: How To Find Out How Much Storage Space Is Being Used by Photos”

  1. Thank you, this information was extremely useful to me. It had never even occurred to me to check on what is taking up space on my iPad. Yes, I know: kinda dense here.

  2. When I check my iPad, it shows that I have over 19K photos but if I try to back them up to either iPhoto or using Image Capture I only have 2,986 in both apps. Any idea why?

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