iPad Tips: How To Put Newsstand in a Folder

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I really like the idea of Newsstand in iOS 5 – I’m a big fan of iPad editions of newspapers and magazines so having a smart folder and dedicated store for them is right up my alley. I am well aware though that some of you here, and around the interwebz in general, are not fond of Newsstand. In fact I get the impression there’s a fair bit of hatred for the little fella.

So here, courtesy of The Coding Massacre, is a quick guide to how to banish Newsstand to a folder:

— A key to this is being very quick in moving Newsstand into a folder at just the right time, so I suggest making sure you have Newsstand near two other apps that you can use to make a new folder.

— Tap and hold on any app icon to get them into ‘wiggle mode’

— Take one app and place it onto another to create a new folder. As soon as the apps are in the folder and folder creation animation starts, drag Newsstand into the folder.

If you try to launch Newsstand from inside a folder it will cause a springboard crash – so if you decide you don’t hate it anymore and want to use it, take it out of the folder you stuck it in before trying to open it.

There ya go. That’s how to banish Newsstand to a folder. You can even call the folder ‘Apps I Hate’ if that helps.

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11 thoughts on “iPad Tips: How To Put Newsstand in a Folder”

  1. Thanks for the tip!
    I already have a folder for “apps i hate” (and never use). I’ve put it on a single “last screen” and its calle “s_ _ t”.

    “Apps I Hate” is too long, I think.

  2. I did exactly what you said, buf I have found an error.
    I have Thr New York Times App and when I tried to read the news, Ipad locked and restarted. I had to leave the newssand off the folder.

  3. Dear Apple,
    I don’t mind living in a walled garden, but don’t tell me what to plant and where, please!
    Thanks from one of your minions.

  4. Thanks a BILLION!!! I love iOS 5 and DETEST Newsstand. Now I can get back to enjoying my iPad and leave my ragey-face behind. Woo Hoo!

  5. Did they “fix”this in iOS 5.1? It used to work, but on my new iPad I can’t hide the newsstand…

  6. They did fix this bug in the newest update, 5.1.

    More importantly, why is this article up again as news? Does this site propagate front page news stories based on user comments? Wondering.

  7. Doesn’t work, I think this article is fake and picture shows is photoshopped, unless they show the video. Waste of time.

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