iPad Tips: How to Use Some Handy Invisible Keys on the Split Keyboard

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iPad Keyboard Hidden Keys

One of the many cool new features in iOS 5 is the ability to split the keyboard on the iPad. This can make it much easier to type quickly and to thumb type in both portrait and landscape mode on the iPad.

For some people it can also be a little awkward as it significantly alters the positions of some of the letters that are smack-bang in the middle of a standard keyboard. It looks like Apple thought about this, and they’ve included a handy little feature to address it. But for some reason they chose not to mention this feature or make it obvious in any way, which makes it slightly less handy.

Until you find out about it that is. Now, thanks to the clever folks at the Finer Things in iOS site, we know that there’s a set of hidden or invisible keys that sit just beside T, G, and V on the left side of the split keyboard, and just beside Y, H, and B on the right side. As you can see in the image shown above, you can tap in the blank area just outside the keyboard next to the T (outside of the keyboard background too) to get a Y, and type just outside the keyboard next to the Y in order to get a T, and so on.

Good to know – anything that helps people to make better use of the iPad’s on-screen keyboard is always a big help.

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