iPad Tips: How To Use WiFi While Airplane Mode Is On

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Using WiFi in Airplane Mode

Here’s a neat little tip on how to use WiFi or Bluetooth even when you’ve got Airplane Mode activated on your iPad. It couldn’t be much simpler – here’s how you do this:

— Open the Settings app.

— Turn on Airplane Mode at the top of the left sidebar.

— Then tap on Wi-Fi just below that on the sidebar and tap to turn it On.

— If you need Bluetooth, tap the Bluetooth bar and tap to turn it On.

Doing this will leave you with your WiFi and or Bluetooth connectivity active, while keeping your cellular modem turned off.

This is obviously a tip that’s more useful for iPhone users, but it should still prove handy for iPad users when traveling on flights that offer wireless service.

I spotted this tip from OS X Daily via a thread today at my favorite Apple forum.

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2 thoughts on “iPad Tips: How To Use WiFi While Airplane Mode Is On”

  1. The use of Bluetooth during flight is strictly prohibited and if caught could subject the user to a $2000 fine. Even though it is weak it is still a transmitter, the use of which is still not allowed even for a wireless keyboard or headset.

    If you need confirmation of this, check the inflight magazine to read all the details. This is where the airline will point to for their liability disclaimer if you are fined by the FAA.

    The FAA is starting to collect the information and fines have been levied for various prohibited inflight electronics violations. Ask the guy who recently posted a picture on the internet taken with his iPad immediately after take off – it was his most expensive picture ever.

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