iPad Tips: Swipe Gesture to See Inbox Message List Using Mail in Portrait Mode

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I generally use the Mail app on the iPad in landscape mode, because I like that it shows both the Inbox (or whichever mailbox is selected) message list (as a sort of left sidebar) and shows an individual selected message content, in the right portion of the page.

This morning I found a nice tip for making the Mail app on iPad nicer to use in portrait mode – an easy swipe gesture to pull up the Inbox message list when you’re in portrait mode. Here’s how:

All you have to do is swipe left to right to see the message list as a popover on the left side of the page. Swipe right to left to hide the message list again.

When you do the left to right swipe to bring up the message list, you can then swipe again in the same direction to show the list of all your mailboxes and folders.

Although you can accomplish the same things by tapping on the Inbox and Mailboxes buttons, using gestures feels far easier and faster to me. It makes using Mail app in portrait mode a whole lot nicer I think.

Hat tip to Mac OS X Hints for sharing this hint, which I’ve expanded on a bit here.

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4 thoughts on “iPad Tips: Swipe Gesture to See Inbox Message List Using Mail in Portrait Mode”

  1. Hi there. Any tips on making iPad message list stay in place as it disappears when you click on a message and you have to keep swiping from left to right to show it?

  2. Hello,

    thnx for the tip and I also have a question.
    How do i print messages from the inbox, i cannot find a print option in anny menu.

    I have a ipad 4

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