iPad Tips: Use Screenshot to Create a New Image

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The iPad’s screen capture ability can be useful for a number of reasons – from showing someone how a web page looks to sharing an app screen and lots more.

One of my favorite ways to use the screenshot capability, that I’ve noticed many people are not aware of, is to create new images with it. Specifically, you can create a new image by zooming in and getting more of a close-up type shot. It’s very easy to do – here’s how:

— For the sake of this post, lets start with a typical shot of a devilishly handsome Labrador – like the one shown above. It’s a fun pic, but I want to just focus on his great big happy face.

— Start by selecting the image you want to work with in your photo library.

— Pinch outwards with two fingers to zoom in on the section of the image you want to highlight.

— Tap and hold with one finger to move the image round the screen and get the area you want to feature positioned properly.

— Then take a screenshot – by pressing the Home button and Power button at the same time for just a quick moment.


That’s it. The new image will be saved to the Camera Roll – and hopefully it will be as handsome as my big happy Deputy Editor Dawg.

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6 thoughts on “iPad Tips: Use Screenshot to Create a New Image”

    1. The big advantage of the method suggested here is you end up with two images – the original and the one created by using screen capture. When you edit and crop your results are applied to the original image.

      1. Ah ok I see. Makes more sense then. Now lemme ask you though, aren’t you then getting a lower res image then essentially? For some things it may not matter much but lets say you have a nice high res pic taken with the iPhone’s back camera. You can zoom in quite a bit, print it out as a great photo as well… If you zoom in, snap the screenshot, then that screenshot isn’t as high a res correct? Or is it?

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