Missing Airplay Button in Photos App – A Couple of Possible Fixes

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If I had to choose one word to describe my initial impression of using the new AirPlay feature of iOS 4.2, it would be: flaky. Or maybe unstable. Just one notable and annoying example of its flakiness is that the AirPlay button – and hence all AirPlay functionality – in the Photos app frequently disappears. I’m not the only one seeing this either,as you can see in this Apple Discussion forum thread.

I haven’t yet found a permanent fix for this ‘Disappearing AirPlay’ bug, but I do have two suggested workarounds that have worked for me. If you do not see the AirPlay button in the Photos app – and you are sure you are setup correctly to use AirPlay – here are two things to try:

— Open the Youtube app and a video within it. Doesn’t matter which one – just choose any video from the Featured section or wherever else. Tap on the AirPlay button – but don’t switch it to Apple TV, leave it on iPad. Then close YouTube and go into the Photos app.

— If the above doesn’t work, Reboot (power off and back on) your iPad.

Admittedly both of these are a pain in the neck, but for me they have worked an have made the AirPlay button re-appear in the Photos app. Hopefully Apple will bring out an update that fixes this issue at some point and we won’t need these workarounds anymore – but for now they’re handy to know.

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