Multitasking Bar & Rapid App Switching on iPad – Video Demo

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Multitasking and rapid app switching via the Multitasking Bar on the iPad are by far and away my favorite new feature that we’ve gained in the recent iOS 4.2 update. Multitasking support has been extended to a defined range of services within 3rd party apps – where previously only Apple’s built-in apps were supported. Much more importantly, we now have the ability to (very) rapidly and easily switch between apps, via the new Multitasking Bar.

This is a big timesaver when swapping between apps and a huge productivity enhancer. For me it is hands-down the outstanding new feature in the 4.2 update, and one that makes working on the iPad an infinitely better experience.

So I decided to do a quick demo on how to use the Multitasking Bar for rapid app switching on the iPad. Hope this is helpful for those of you who are just discovering this superb new feature.

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10 thoughts on “Multitasking Bar & Rapid App Switching on iPad – Video Demo”

  1. This is awesome! Now if I could only figure out who to use the find in Safari feature? Please let me know if you figured it out. – Mike

  2. Thank you for this video about multitasking demo. Find it helpful for my iPad not ringing on Skype switching.

    Thank you

  3. You can switch the mute button and the rotation lock button functions in the general settings. The hardware button can be set for whichever you choose, (mute or rotation) and the option you don’t choose will show up on the multitask bar next to volume, brightness, etc. you said you weren’t crazy about that change…now you can fix it how you want it. :) In settings, look for “side button used for” and chek what you want.

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