The (5) best ways to maximize battery life on your iPad

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Expected battery life has always been one of the most important factors for consumers when they deciding on what mobile devices to buy.  Admittedly, iPad’s have always excelled in this category.  However, we often want and/or demand more out of our iPad’s then they ultimately can deliver–at least for now.  As a result, we routinely try to find ways to extend the battery life of our iPad’s. To that end, here are the (5) best ways to maximize your battery life on your iPad.

1>  Make sure your iPad is running the most up-to-date version of iOS software.  The main reason this is important is because newer software will include the most recent version of energy saving technology.


2>  Avoid charging your iPad in tight, or elaborate cases.  Restrictive or thick cases may cause your iPad to heat up unnecessarily, which can in-turn, negatively affect overall battery capacity.

3>  Turn off location Services for all, or selective apps.  This feature is found in the Settings App under Privacy–> Location Services.  You can also closely monitor which apps have location services turned on by its permission setting.


4>  Home and lock screens that wake frequently from sleep to display notifications or to manually display information from Home screen presses can drastically reduce your iPad batter life.  This can be reduced by adjusting your push notification settings and by refraining from waking your screen manually.


5>  When in very poor cell coverage areas turn on Airplane mode to keep your iPad from looking for a better signal.  This is actually one of the biggest issue I have.  You’re better off leaving cellular data off until needed to help preserve frequent battery charging.

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