The Easiest Way To Find & Send Your iPad’s UDID

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If you’ve ever been a beta tester for an iPad (or iOS) app, or used any of the developer beta versions of iOS, you know that you need to have your iPad’s UDID (Unique Identifier) registered in order to take part in any of this beta testing.

If you have no desire to ever do beta testing, you can ignore this post and not worry about knowing what a UDID is.

For those of you who want to be or are already involved in beta testing here’s a very quick tip on the easiest way to find your iPad’s UDID, and send it off to a developer.

Use a free app.

Yes, you can use the old-school method of connecting your iPad to your PC and iTunes and clicking on the Serial Number field on the Summary tab – and then go to the Edit menu and hit Copy and paste it into an email.

But the much faster way, that doesn’t require you to be connected to a PC, is just to use a good free app. Two good ones to use are UDID Sender and UDIDit. Both will automatically show your UDID as soon as you open them and offer to paste it to the clipboard or place it into a new email for you. UDIDit is an iPhone app that runs in 1X or 2X mode on the iPad, while UDID Sender has a full iPad app – and again, both are free apps.

App Store link for UDID Sender

App Store link for UDIDit.

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