Tips and Tricks: Reopen Recently Closed Tabs in Safari

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Have you ever tapped the “X” or swiped on a tab in Safari in iOS only to remember a second later that you still needed it for something? Whether it’s instantly or hours later, it happens to me all the time. However, one of those semi-hidden little gems in iOS makes it easy to get it right back.

It’s so simple. Just press and hold the “+” button and you get a pop-up with Recently Closed Tabs. On an iPhone the pop-up will take up the entire screen, like so:

On an iPad, the Recently Closed Tabs menu is a more compact pop-up that doesn’t obscure the rest of the screen, which I prefer.

Either way, just tap and your selection re-opens in a new tab. Just be advised that the list will clear every time you close the Safari app.

I’m pretty sure I knew about this feature at one point, but when you don’t use something for a while it has a way of disappearing on you. The reason I’m writing about Recently Closed Tabs in Safari is because I happened upon it accidentally when I pressed down on the “+” not too long ago. This is a pretty handy little feature when you know it’s there.

James Rogers

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