What To Do When you Forget the Answers to Your Apple ID Security Questions

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What do you do if you’ve forgotten the answers to your Apple ID security questions? You know – the ones you set a long while ago and forgot all about and then get prompted to answer every once in a while when trying to install a new app.

Or better yet, what do you do when you’ve forgotten the answers AND you no longer have access to your recovery email account that you setup for use with these. That’s exactly the situation I see come up terribly often in Apple support forums – and also one that I experienced first-hand when it happened to my 10 year old daughter. She forgot the answer to one particular security question and had deleted the Google account that was her rescue email.

Well, happily the solution is easy and straightforward. You just get in touch with Apple Support and ask for help with Apple ID Account Security. You start by going to this link to find the Apple support page for your country. Then click the link to ‘Start your support request online’.

Then you’ll get a list of Apple ID security related topics and can click the one that’s closest to your issue – including one labeled ‘Forgotten Apple ID security questions’.

Then just follow the on-screen prompts and you’ll get a set of options to call Apple Support right away or schedule a call and similar. Apple Support will ask you a series of questions by phone to establish that you are the legitimate owner of the Apple ID in question and then will assist you with resetting your security questions.

You can also just call in to Apple Support and describe your issue and ask to be put through to the team that deals with Apple ID Security issues.

This is a bi of a stressful issue when it occurs, but I have to say Apple Support were excellent when my daughter and I called in. They were friendly and helped us to get the problem resolved very quickly.

I hope you all will have an equally good experience if you have to deal with this issue.

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