Countdown to iPad – Franklin-Covey-Apple (Use Case 42)

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3 great works - that work great together - Franklin - Covey - Apple - iPad
3 great works - that work great together
I have long been a fan of Franklin Planners and Stephen R. Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. It was exciting to see these brands/disciplines brought together under the FranklinCovey (FC) banner in 1997. Since coming together, FC has added many new products, seminars and consulting offerings.

Where I have long felt the company deficient, was in the tech/software arena. While FC has certainly tried to make the jump to digital planning and life management, their success has been lackluster when compared to past accomplishments. It is time for Franklin’s planning/GTD (Getting Things Done) know-how, Covey’s understanding of life/business governing principles and Apple’s legendary ease-of-use penchant to come together. It is time for my dream planner, FranklinCovey on iPad.

So what do you say, FranklinCovey? Are you ready to combine my aging favorite planner, my mentor of life principles (he just doesn’t know it) and the latest rule-breaker from Apple? This inquiring mind would like to know.

iPad – I love it when a planner comes together

Countdown to iPad Series – There are countless articles and posts citing what the iPad isn’t or won’t be good at. We think they are wrong. Join us as we celebrate the countdown to iPad’s debut by posting a daily iPad use case. Think of the possibilities!

We have many iPad use case scenarios queued up, but could always use more. Please comment and share your iPad ideas below.

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31 thoughts on “Countdown to iPad – Franklin-Covey-Apple (Use Case 42)”

  1. You can already use OmniFocus on your phone and have it sync with your desktop. Omni has said they are porting several of their apps to the iPad. OmniFocus is expensive, but works well. I am sure their iPad app will be nice. There are several other apps of this type as well.

  2. Franklin Covey: Please…Lets get on the ball here! We need an app exclusively made for the IPad!

  3. I would like to see this. Been a user of PlanPlus for Outlook for years now and I am a very strong advocate of the 7 Habits principle. I love technology. Owning an iPad is indeed a great blessing. I used to own SMARTPHONES, PDAs to help me manage my calendar and to-dos the 7 habits way. O2XDA, Palm V, Palm Tungsten E2, HTC Fuze and now iPhone and iPad. I can't wait to see PlanPlus for iPad. This will surely be a big hit to all 7 Habits advocates.

  4. I concur. I’m a planplus user, best organizer for me so far. I’ve been waiting (in my ipod touch) to have planplus… Now that i have my ipad,hope this time it comes out

  5. Couldn't agree more. iPad is perfect for FC's planner systems. I sure hope they're not forthcoming with good digital products because there's more money in binders and paper planners etc. They have a lot of loyal followers and really need to get with the times. I just bought the iPad version of Pocket Informant and am dissappointed in it already. OmniFocus looks good but for the price, I don't want to risk it. I'd pay the same amount ($40 ish) for a FC/iPad system.

  6. I've been using FC's planner for 20 years and about to get an iPad. PLEASE, PLEASE make a iPad app that mimics the paper version and give us more time in our days!

  7. I’m in on this deal too. Just give me a Franklin covey case cover that will hold my I pad also. I want the case with the zipper

  8. I am using my iPad and have replaced my planner after 25 years. It is the only thing I have ever found that comes close to the actual planner. Now if I only had the killer Franklin Covey App. I use calendar, email, Things, Chronicle, etc. I wish I had one app that would sync with MS Outlook and have the Franklin system, especially the tasks list. FC, please come up with something, I will buy it. I know there is money to be made here, but why are they so slow or not on top of things. Are they worried about the app killing paper sales? FC, don't make the mistakes Kodak made when digital started. Or

  9. I've been using Priority Matrix for a while now and I couldn't be happier. It's a very simple and easy to use app to support the 2×2 priority system in Covey's books (I think it's also known as the Eisenhower method). I believe they're working on a inter-device sync solution, so that'll make it extra neat.

  10. It appears FC is preparing to go the way of Kodak film and vinyl records. And Dodo birds.

  11. What a great idea. Actually I am sure that Franklin-Covey have been and are looking into the conversion. the only problem that has kept this from happening is that they have not been able to figure out revenue from doing so. they do not have the products out there for “our” sake. An iPad app, even an expensive ($150 +) one, after so many years they will lose revenue from it. Figuring we loyalist spend $45-$50/year. After three years, they would no longer receive that from us. To be serious, the only way the company would even consider that is if we (again, the loyalist) band together and stop using the planner. If enough of us would do that, they would then be forced to do something to “stay” in the planning business. It is a defeatist attitude I agree, cause somewhere/sometime some might just come up with a system that is better.
    I hope this is wrong and they are in fact working on it. It would be cool to code tasks as well in that after a set time, one could merely recalll a category and poof all the tasks would come up.

  12. I can’t wait until this product is available. I think it would be a welcomed addition to the iPad world and definitely make the ipad more business useful.

  13. I have used FranklinCovey planning systems for 19 years. I just bought an ipad. I LOVE my ipad for keeping me sane. What would be Nirvana is a Franklin planning system on my ipad. Please, Please, Please!

  14. I am a certified Franklin Covey facilitator in many of the great courses Covey offers and too love the paper planning system. One requirement of any certified facilitator to maintain certification is to attend a yearly Facilitator Enhancement Day (FED). I attended a FED in May 2011 and they introduced us to a new productivity solution that they plan on launching in September 2011. In the participant manual we received there is a screenshot of an iPad app showing a new productivity solution.

    Here is a screenshop of the app.

  15. I look for the app Franklin Planner on iPad at least once a month but to no avail I do not see it. I love the planner format and would love to see something soon.

  16. I second everyone’s comments. The only thing holding me back from purchasing an iPad is the inability to use the Franklin Covey system I’ve been using for 20 years.

  17. Just got an IPhone and started looking for 7 habit apps very disappointing. Why are they worried? I am willing to pay what I already pay for FC organizers.

  18. Anytime on that iPad app!
    I too have been a loyal FC user for more than 15 years.
    The iPad will be my tool of choice going forward and I’d hate to not have FC be part of it. Like everyone else I’m willing to pay!

  19. So, I am sick of waiting for companies to live up to the demand of the public. My day planner has been unused for the last 7 months, because I have went to an ipad. I don’t like the fact that I can not my records like I had them before.

    So normally I buy my new planner this month for next year look at all of them lined up dating back to 2002.

    So I have to ask what is everyone else using. I care about todo list, something that has archive. That I can have calendar (sync with google) and have the ability to search in and Ipad app. I am willing to spend what I normally spend on a refill with FC. However, I refuse to buy any FC products because they refuse to step into the 20th century.

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