Countdown to iPad – Ready-Fire-Aim (Use Case 47)

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iPad, the parallel planning tool... soon to be all the rage. - GPS - travel
iPad, the parallel planning tool... soon to be all the rage.
Ready… on spur of the moment you decide to get away for the weekend. Fire… you pack the car and leave the house without knowing exactly where you’re headed. Aim… all you need now is a destination… all you need is iPad.

While you drive, your co-pilot is free to check weather, hotels, points of interest, traffic reports, etc. … all en route. And iPad not only lets you make reservations and purchase tickets while speeding along, but even guides you into port using on-board GPS.

iPad – Planning on-the-road and on-the-fly.

Countdown to iPad Series – There are countless articles and posts citing what the iPad isn’t or won’t be good at. We think they are wrong. Join us as we celebrate the countdown to iPad’s debut by posting a daily iPad use case. Think of the possibilities!

We have many iPad use case scenarios queued up, but could always use more. Please comment and share your iPad ideas below.

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