Countdown to iPad – The Big TomTom (Use Case 1)

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The iPad may well be the most controversial product Apple ever developed. Is it a computer, a netbook, an internet appliance or an overgrown iPod? Will it fail or will it revolutionize how we interact with technology? Was the name a mistake or sheer marketing genius? Time will tell.

Call me a fan boy or call me naive, but I for one am grateful that Apple innovation is not limited by everyone’s else imagination. I am certain the iPad will not only fill business technology gaps for me and my customers, but I am equally anxious to put it to use in my personal life. This is not to say the first generation iPad has all the features I would like to see, but it is certainly off to an amazing start.

So iPad, what are you good for? There are countless articles and posts citing what the iPad isn’t or won’t be good at. I see iPad’s future as half full and I’m excitedly brainstorming with others to discover solutions to fill the other half. Join me as I celebrate the countdown to iPad’s debut by posting a daily iPad use case.

Use Case 1 – The Big TomTom
Let’s face it, as nice as the iPhone is for navigating, sometimes the screen is just too small. I love TomTom for iPhone and iPod Touch, but I honestly can’t wait to try TomTom for iPad. I can see it now…

iPad, coming to a car near you?
iPad, coming to a car near you?

We have many iPad use case scenarios queued up, but could always use more. Please comment and share your iPad ideas below.

iPad – Copyright © 2010 Apple Inc.
TomTom – Copyright © 2009 TomTom International

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4 thoughts on “Countdown to iPad – The Big TomTom (Use Case 1)”

  1. One of my primary uses will be to watch TV (via Slingbox) or movies/videos while on the treadmill. It should sit perfectly on the magazine stand.

  2. Outstanding job of use cases. We are going to leverage many of these ideas into full fledged use case scenarios for the corporate policy that adds iPad/iPod/iPhone to our enterprise which is heavily Microsoft and BlackBerry/RIM biased (many crybaby fanboys of those two)

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