Quick Demo – AirPlay Mirroring iPad 2 to Mac

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Here’s just a quick demo of AirPlay Mirroring – from the iPad 2 to my MacBook Pro, using the Air Server app on the Mac. Air Server has just been updated to include this functionality – so after what seemed like an eternity waiting for this to be possible, this week we suddenly have two Mac apps that offer this capability.

I posted about the first one, Reflection, a few days back. Both apps are great to have around, but Air Server has been around much longer and feels more complete right now.

This is my first effort at screencasting with Air Server and with the Screenflow app on the Mac. I’ve got lots to learn in terms of getting more polished results, but I hope to make more use of this in future to do app demos and share iPad tips via screencasts as well as written articles.

Let me know what you think about this, and don’t be too cruel with the comments – this is my first real stab at this. Smile

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7 thoughts on “Quick Demo – AirPlay Mirroring iPad 2 to Mac”

  1. Does it support full screen playback? I tested out Reflections it didn’t see a way to make the window full screen. Since I’m mirroring to a mini connected to a 40″ tv I need to be able to utilize the whole screen when watching a video and such.

  2. Where can I find this app : Air Server app on the Mac ? I have Reflection but it’s not great. I want to be able to mirror my iPad to record tutorial of educational apps on my mac. Any ideas ?

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