Featured iPad Wallpapers for the Weekend

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3D Apple logo iPad wallpaper

I’m a big fan of iPad wallpapers; of choosing wallpapers that I enjoy having on my iPad’s home screen.

Sometimes I’ll find one I like so much that I stick with it for months, but more often than not I’m on the lookout for fresh new wallpapers most weekends. This weekend I’ve found a handful that I like quite a lot. My favorite and the one that’s now in use is the 3D Apple logo shown above. I found it at iPadwalls.com, here: http://ipadwalls.com/wallpaper/3d-apple-logo-2

Here’s the wallpaper on its own:

3D Apple logo iPad wallpaper

Here’s a calm ‘blue rain’ wall I found in the 3D Wallpaper Pro app:


And a few space-themed walls I like from the HD Wallpapers for iPad app:




So those are my favorites for this weekend. They’ll all get some use on my iPad home screen soon.

What are your favorite types of images to use as iPad wallpapers? And what are your favorite sources for them?

*** Please note – none of the images used in this post are at the right size for use as iPad wallpapers. They’re sized down so that page loads aren’t terribly slow.

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2 thoughts on “Featured iPad Wallpapers for the Weekend”

  1. Love your site!

    Sorry for dumb question, but how do you download the item you featured?
    After I press download, what should happen?

    1. Not a dumb question at all. If you mean the 3D Apple logo image from iPadwalls.com, once you download it to your computer you can just email it to yourself or use whatever method you like to get it to your iPad. Then save it to the Camera Roll and set it as your home screen wallpaper.

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