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The folks at ipadwalls.com emailed me earlier this week to let me know about their site. I’m always keen to add to my list of good sources for iPad and iPhone wallpapers, and I’m happy to say theirs definitely fits the bill.

The site has a good number of high quality walls for the iPad, and they’re organized very well so that it’s easy to find walls to suit your taste. You can browse by categories or tags, or even hit the Randomize link and get random selections from across the board. Categories include: cities, plain, textures, patterns, abstract, logos, music, sports, space, movies, architecture, and more.

All the wallpapers are 1024×1024 to ensure the iPad displays the wallpaper correctly in both horizontal and vertical orientations.

If you’re after good spots to look for iPad wallpapers, this one is worth adding to your list, and checking out:


UPDATE: As Mark points out in the comments, some of the walls are likely NSFW – mainly in the Girls category – so be careful where you choose to view them.

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4 thoughts on “Featured iPad Wallpapers – ipadwalls.com”

  1. NSFW not just in the "Girls" category. Even the home page isn't something I'd want my boss to walk by and see.

    1. The developer has noted the comments here and says they are a working on a feature to disable all the girls images with one click.

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