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If you like great nature and cityscape type photos, then this is a wallpaper site you may well want to check out.  It’s an offshoot of the Talke Photography site, run by travel photographer Peter Talke, who specializes in HDR (High Dyamic Range) photography, and also runs the Places 2 Explore photography blog.

The site features 25 photos sized for use as iPad wallpapers, with plans to continue to add more content to the wallpapers section.   There are many very striking images of famous structures, cities, nature scenes and more.  One of my favorites is the London shot shown above.

The wallpapers on the site are not free; they go for $0.25 each.  There are lots of places to find free wallpapers of course, and low-priced large collections – but $0.25 apiece for some impressive original images seems fair enough, especially if the subject matter suits your tastes in backgrounds.

To check these out, head over here:


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