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A few days ago I asked if any of you would like to share your iPad screens. Happily some of you have already sent in some good stuff – and I’d like to share it here.

The screen above is from Joe Lowry, and what I like best about it is his reason for using it:

My ipad helps keep my head above water. This is daily reminder.
(wallpaper courtesy of Pimp Your Screen)

Hit the jump for more of your cool iPad screens …

Here’s one from John Derry, along with a great background story on where it comes from:


My background image started life as an iPhone photo I shot as a passenger in a car traveling down a busy nighttime street with many light sources. I purposely moved the iPhone while capturing the shot. I used AvgCamPro to get the long exposure.

The image then went into Tiny Planets to get the spinning effect. Next stop was Dynamic Light to up the contrast and color saturation. Final stop was in Photoshop to apply the lens flare in the center with Knoll Light Factory.

This is one from my wonderful writing colleague, Alicia B, along with her comments on it:


as you can see nothing spectacular about my home screen – I actally have almost everything in folders and just have 2 screens in essence. Got lots of photos and productivity apps, lots to read and browse thru and the usual suspects :-)

Next up is Randy Walters, who shared both home and lock screens, and the thinking behind them:


For my lock screen, I use a scan of a drawing titled "Head of a Young Woman in Front View", by Giovanni Antonio Boltraffio (1467–1516), an artist who was a student of Leonardo DaVinci.

It’s just a beautiful thing to see whenever I power up my iPad or iPhone, and its organic, handmade quality complements them well.


My home screen background echos the feeling of parchment, and provides a relatively neutral backdrop for the colorful app icons. I like a clean desktop… this front page holds the most commonly used apps, and the second page contains 16 folders that organize a couple hundred apps into easily accessible groups.

Here’s a home screen from @dark_knight88 via Twitter:


That looks like some Pimp Your Screen goodness.

Here’s one from oso featuring galaxy photo wallpaper:


And last, but absolutely not least, one from Casey Freeland, along with an explanation of his cool approach to folder naming:


My groups used to say things like pictures, books, blogs, writing, etc. This quickly became booooring, so I opted for more descriptive groups like, Play and Play More for games, Say Cheese for photos and Tunage for music.  Also, at the bottom you’ll see The Novelist. That’s my dream group.  Overall, it’s quick, fun and easy.  Like a girl I knew in high school.

The photo is from a blog friend of mine.  Wallpaper changes weekly, but this one is especially awesome, I think.

I think it’s good fun to see all these screens, and especially the thinking behind them. Thanks to all of you who shared this time round!

If you guys keep sending them in, I’ll make this a tradition and post up every few weeks with more screens – and hopefully we’ll all get some inspiration from seeing what others are up to.

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  1. Cool pics – thanks for sharing. I should have mentioned that my background artwork is from my rock band’s Slave called shiver’s CD Superlateral – enlarged quite a bit since I LOVE the moth motif.

    1. Charlie – don’t do it dude. We’ll ban you, we’ll send men in black helicopters after you. :)

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